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I’ve been trying for awhile to start doing yoga again. I just get really tense in my – well – whole body really. My muscles are always just really sore. And yoga significantly helps. We have On Demand now, but honestly, there really isn’t that much instruction on where you should be positioning what, some do, but it’s just not very detailed. Which is understandable. They are trying to create a calm mood for doing yoga, they don’t want to talk through the whole session. And for more experienced, aka someone with any experience, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But for me, I always feel like I’m putting my foot in the wrong place, not posturing correctly. Butt in the air instead of arcing my body gracefully. It’s going to take a long time to feel comfortable doing yoga again (I used to be one of those people with some experience, but not anymore).

I mean, don’t you need to see the poses in motion flowing from one to the next to get it right? Well, not neccessarially. If you can’t see what they are really doing on the tv because said butt is in air, it’s not really too helpful. I was starting to get frustrated. Enter the Woman’s Book of Yoga and Health:


And then I remembered, I have a book on yoga, a really good book. And it goes into the minusia of each pose. Covering not just the benefits of each pose to your body and mind, but also all the intricasies of the pose, where you will feel the stretch, how you should be holding yourself, grounding yourself, breathing when and how. Jason purchased it for me some time ago, I would say 3 years? And when I used it before it was really helpful.

I was doubtful about this book when I first picked it up off the shelf. I was really worried it would just be another one of those fluff yoga books that were all over the place 3-4 years ago. And I was surprised to find it filled with solid information, the history of the poses, why certain poses are good during certain parts of our cycle (daily, monthly, and life long cycles). It covers the importants of breathing technique and how yoga can become a strong component of daily meditation. No fluff here.

Back then, believe it or not, I actually got to the point where I was doing this pose in my daily routine each morning:


I really like this book and am happy to say that since pulling it off the shelf I’ve started doing yoga daily again. And it feels good. I’m starting out with some very simple poses and just for 15 minutes a day.


I would highly recommend this book for anyone starting out in yoga. It’s a good compliment to classes or a video for sure and it’s also just good on it’s own. At the very least go check it out from your local library.

+++++++++++++ Switching gears a bit ++++++++++++++++++

It’s strange the riggors of acidemia, I really feel like I’m trying to get my body and mind back to where I was when I first moved to dekalb. I was riding my bike everyday when I moved there (as soon as I got a bike that is), I was a pretty strict vegetarian (which doesn’t = health I know, but for me it really did), I was doing yoga, I was getting up in the morning to go paint outside, I was drawing everyday, I was reading all the time, knitting all the time, I was getting good at the cello. I want to get back to that place.

Sure time is a factor. And now I’m busier than ever, but these are the things that really make me happy. Like the deep down I’m content with my life happiness that comes from health and pleasure in the daily living of life. Sure getting published makes me feel super excited, having over 30,000 unique visitors to Craft Leftovers each month makes me feel cocky, but it’s the daily lifestyle choices that really make me feel good about myself. Strange isn’t it? I think that no matter how busy I get, I can afford the two hours a day to get back to that place.

I read this post over on the Simple Dollar called “What will you Learn this Year” and I would really like to apply this to the cello. Spending 30 minutes (at first) to 1 hour (in 3-6 months) and eventually 1 1/2 hours each day (6-12 months) practicing the cello. In theory I have naturally talent and “You are picking things up as quickly as my other beginning students and they practice and I know you don’t, if you would just practice even 3 times a week you would progress so quickly”. Well, let’s give it a running shot and see what happens in the next year. (I would do a two hour “crap I need to learn these scales” practice session the morning before my lesson, so bad!).

I did have a drawing to post today, but the pictures turned out blurry and I’ll have to retake them. Their just some fun little drawing/paintings of random little characters. I’ll post them later today.

I’ll see you then and hopefully more throughout the week. I’m planning to try some new recipes and I wanted to post the results of that as well as some more drawings.

Have a good Sunday afternoon!


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