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Since graduation I have been avoiding finding out the truth about my student loans. Sure I knew they would be due in November. Sure I knew they would be about 40k. But what companies owned what loans. Who I would be paying what amount to. It was a mystery. Not a good one either. And not with a scary ending as it turns out.

I truly felt like a detective looking for clues this afternoon and putting together the puzzle of student loan debt repayment.


After about an hour of digging through my records for all the “you owe us money” letters and getting them organized on a spreadsheet saying X loan is from YZ company and my account number A, and the contact info is B and the interest is C and the total principle is D and the repayment starts on F in the amount of E.

So then I went down the line and called every single loan company and verified all the info I had + got some more + asked questions + updated my billing address. I even did my stafford loan exit exam thing.

And in the end I knew exactly how much was due on what date. It felt brilliant. And you know what else I figured out. I’m closer to being able to pay for my student loans and my other bills and have some for savings than I thought. I’m really close. And I think if I just stay on track and keep submitting pattern ideas and teaching classes and selling kits and yarn and clm and handmade things and hopefully soon enough paintings and woven tapestries… I will be able to quit my part time job in no time. And that really made me feel good.

In other news, I totally got lost going to the fiber arts guild meeting tonight. I drove around and wandered through churches looking for it for a half hour and then, at the “20 minutes late” point gave up and went to Joann’s. I needed to get some duck cloth for the laundry bags anyway. I scored a sweet reg tag clearance deal of $4/yard instead of &7.99 which is normally is at the 72″ width. Awesome! Really though as soon as I walked into the store I was thinking about little cross stitch kits. I have loved those since I was a kid and it’s been about that long since I did one. I needed instant gratification here. An ornament project was perfect. I can’t show them because they are both gifts, but I’ll show you the backs.

Craft Booty:

Now what to use my 40% coupon on though? That’s when I spotted it — Kyuuto! Japanese Craft Amigurumi! I’ve been wanting this book for a long time and now, for just $9.47 how could I resist? Oh and I picked up some cross stitch plastic canvas because, you guessed it, I totally want to write some cross stitch patterns for it and make my own little ornament kits for Christmas! Yeah!

And with that, I’m going to work on my cross stitch.

See you later!


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