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I’m back to listing things on ebay. I had a whole ton of things ready to go and then just didn’t get it listed. I mean, I even had the pictures taken and edited. Lame.

And another thing I was thinking about was changing my ebay account so it would be “craftleftovers” and I said as much to Jason and he was like “you know you can just change your username right?” Genius! So I did. So now you can see all my listings here under the seller name: CraftLeftovers (no spaces).

Here is what I listed tonight:
knittingbag upholstryfabric02 upholsteryfabric01

I have a lot more to go though. A lot more fabric. A recipe box. Some vintage spice containers. A thing of vintage yarn. Oh and the thing is, all this stuff. I really just want to get it out of the apartment, so it’s just the cost of shipping + 99 cents. I didn’t put a reserve on it or anything.

Woo woo! Two posts in one day! Is this a sign of more posting to come? I think so!

See you soon!


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