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I took these pictures Monday night and last Wednesday. You can see more of the others here.

Class was canceled today and with good reason. They have been holding off for quite a long time calling off school and with the forcast of 14 inches of snow and wind gusts, they finally did…. and then it didn’t snow much at all! Awesome! There were near white out conditions though, so it wasn’t like it was sunny and 70 or anything.

I texted my friend Jess first thing in the morning and was like “no school, esther’s place?” and she was like “hell yeah, let me take a shower first” so she did and then we did and it was so nice.

The owner’s mom offered us hot chocolate and sat us down with needle felting stuff and we felted away the afternoon, then bought roving for felting, I signed up for the drop spindle class, and bought a weaving hand book. They have all sorts of amazing things. If you live within a 6 hour + drive, sign up for a weekend retreat, because it is also a bed and breakfast!

I’ll take my camera next time and shoot some photos and let you all know how the class goes and write up a proper review.

I spent the rest of my afternoon fixing my sewing machine… and i feel so ridiculous, i just needed to change out the needle because I bent it on a straight pin (i almost always pull them out before stitching over them, but this one was missed some how and of course it bent it out of wack). I actually took off the casing to see if it was misaligned and then I pouted for a few hours and let it sit for a super long time thinking it would fix itself and just needed a long rest, maybe a night’s sleep… I don’t think it was the machine that needed that, it was me! I sat back down at it late tonight and was like “maybe the needle” duh! Then lots of cleaning and laundry.

Tomorrow I’m going to venture out into the cold tundra to the store and pick up:
1. hair brush – i dropped mine in the toilet… gross
2. yoga pants – i finally made it to the rec center with my friend for yoga and realized i need some proper clothing to flex around in so i don’t show off my back side (plumber issues) or my front side (shirt sliding up way to high on those forward dog pose deals (just my stomach, no flashing)… every muscle in my body still hurts… so good!
3. cup of yogurt, dehygerated milk, and some glass jars because I’m going to make some yogurt! I just need a small thing of yogurt so I can have the proper bacteria stuff. Anyone know a good recipe? I’m compiling a list and im going to try out a few.

I’m also, after wanting to for 2 weeks now, dye yarn! second thing in the morning (i’m going to do dishes first so i have some room for yarn).

I’ll have more wip pictures for you soon. I took some last night in the studio, but haven’t transfered them yet.

Have a good night!
++ Kristin Roach ++


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