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Here are some pictures of the woven piece I’m making for the International Fibers Collaborative. It is off the loom now and I’m finishing up weaving in the 480 warp ends, yikes! I have over 300 sewn in, so I am well on my way.



Now I just need to get all of these:

Threaded through all of these:

That is tomorrow morning’s task.

Today I finished the painting I have been working on and started the next. I need to really start cranking them out and finish at least 6 total for the show on the 28th. I also need to order prints and mount them on panels. Lots of wood shop time in my near future.

Tuesday is my take it easy/cook for the week/clean the apartment for the week day.

So far I have cleaned quite a bit, spent 3 hours in the studio, made some throw everything in the frig and bend it with potatoes and whole milk potato soup, and some banana bread. I just really didn’t want to throw out those bananas, they just looked too gross to eat, like black. I really should have taken a picture.

Well, back to cleaning and some coffee.

Have a good tuesday!


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