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I’m happy to announce that I did indeed post my pictures of drawings like I promised! I did so at the KR Blog’s new home: Kro Studio Blog!

I transferred all the posts there too, so all the great history of this blog is retained.

And I’m going to leave this blog here for one month to give everyone time to change their rss feed and bookmarks to:

I’ll see you there!



It’s been a long time since my last post and I’m sorry for the absence. I was hoping to get at least one post up a week and it just hasn’t been possible this last month. They have me working about 40 hours a week at the chocolate shop and things are in full swing on Craft Leftovers and in the shops. Which is great and I’m having fun and I really enjoy it all. But I’m also looking forward to less hours at the chocolate shop now.

I have quite a few fun announcements to make. Firstly, since I won’t be working as much at the chocolate shop now, I’ll be able to start posting again here about the fun things going on in the studio and ames in general. And with that, I have two plans for posts here. I’m going to start up my “drawing a day” posting again (I miss it), but having it be “Drawing Days” instead and post drawings twice a week.  The second plan is that I’m going to start posting what I cook more often (like I was during the summer) to help keep me in line with a healthier way of cooking and eating. Once I get back to Ames I have a fun post in mind that I need to take the pictures for.

The other fun thing I will be posting more about is the Ames Sewing Rebellion! I’m going to start hosting the Iowa Sewing Rebellion here in Ames. Hooray! Stop Shopping, Start Sewing! You can read more about the sewing rebellion here and here and here and here. I’ve posted about participating in it from time to time in Chicago on Overextracted – but I was bad at using tags, so it’s been hard for me to track down posts about it.  I’m starting a blog for it, but it’s not ready to go live yet. There will be info about the first meeting and pictures and the like. Our first meeting will be Sunday, January 11th from noon to 4pm. It will be a brunchluck (a breakfast/lunch potluck) and much sewing will ensue us all. It will be at the Ames Progressive which has been kind enough to not just donate the space, but help hang fliers, spread the word, and participate! Fantastic!

I’ll be posting again on Sunday night or Monday morning and will hopefully have a link to the Ames Sewing Rebellion then.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas!

I made Molly a cat hoodie quite some time ago. It’s been run through pattern testing and it will be up on Craft Leftovers tomorrow.

It just happened so well that when I woke up this morning snow was covering the ground. Perfect! Jason and I slipped the hoodie on and took her outside. She was actually really curious about all the snow. I suppose it’s been a year since the last time she saw it.

Hi there! It has been forever since I posted. As you can imagine, things have been super crazy here in the middle of Iowa. It has been really fun though (except that I’m sick with this cold thing, no good, but other than that, awesome!). 

I’m really happy to announce that after too long of a time, I have completely moved Kro Postal to etsy and I added everything back into the shop that I had over at Big Cartel. I’m taking pictures tomorrow so I should have never before seen items in the shop this week! A big “Hooray, Post!” all around!


And on top of that, I added the Holiday Issue of the Craft Leftovers Monthly zine to Kro Postal. It’s the perfect thing to send to a crafty buddy in a far away place!

And in other good news fashion, a independent book shop in Colorado is going to start carrying the Craft Leftovers Monthly zine!

Oh and tonight I’m working on dressing my loom. I have it counted out above the castle and need to get some rope to lash it to the bar. The last time I used the loom, my rope snapped. I don’t want that to happen again. I’m working on some fabric to put into Green Prairie Fibers. I think it would be nice to sell some handwoven fabric that I have made.  

I actually just dyed some yarn last Tuesday and it’s dry and I’ve reskiened it, so I’ll be taking pictures of it tomorrow along with the stationary and adding it throughout next week. Many good things going on.

I’m going to try to start posting more often, mini posts, but posts non the less. 

See you soon!

I’m back to listing things on ebay. I had a whole ton of things ready to go and then just didn’t get it listed. I mean, I even had the pictures taken and edited. Lame.

And another thing I was thinking about was changing my ebay account so it would be “craftleftovers” and I said as much to Jason and he was like “you know you can just change your username right?” Genius! So I did. So now you can see all my listings here under the seller name: CraftLeftovers (no spaces).

Here is what I listed tonight:
knittingbag upholstryfabric02 upholsteryfabric01

I have a lot more to go though. A lot more fabric. A recipe box. Some vintage spice containers. A thing of vintage yarn. Oh and the thing is, all this stuff. I really just want to get it out of the apartment, so it’s just the cost of shipping + 99 cents. I didn’t put a reserve on it or anything.

Woo woo! Two posts in one day! Is this a sign of more posting to come? I think so!

See you soon!


Originally uploaded by Kristin Roach

So, it’s pretty strange, I am allergic to leather. I’m pretty okay wearing a coat I’ve had since high school, but with shoes, I just can’t risk it. I think it was about a year or two ago that I first realized that when I wore leather shoes, my feet would start to itch, then my toes would get all dried out, then they would swell, turn purple, and then the skin would peel off! Gross! It would take like a week or so to get through all of it after the one time of wearing the leather shoes. Nasty.

So I wore Keds for a long time. Which I love. But they aren’t so great for riding my bike or for standing at work all day or walking. I looked around and found that Simple Shoes makes a hemp shoe that is super cute and there just happened to be a shop here in town that carries them, even better. I went down there and they man working was just great. He had me try on about 4 pairs of shoes. Measured my feet, twice. And then ordered them for me. They came in on Saturday and I’ve been wearing them ever sense.

Oh and check out those awesome socks, hehe.

Have a good night!

I just wanted to post really quick, since I left the last post on such a crappy note, that Thursday was much better than Wednesday and Friday was not too bad either. Today has also been pretty good. It’s not all bad.

Honestly, I think I was just getting really tired out. This part time job thing is starting to get to me. Not the hours, but all the sugar. Haha. Working at a chocolate shop is so hard. I realized last night that I’ve gained 8lbs since starting work there. It’s not just the chocolate. Jason and I have been eating out more since I haven’t had as much time to cook. I’m hoping it’s just for this adjustment period, that things will start to fall in to a routine again. I think they will.

I did get some good news on Friday. I’ll be teaching more than just the one class at the Octagon Shop. I’ll be teaching Beginning Knitting, Beginning Tapestry Weaving, and then a series of fiber arts workshops. I think the list we worked up was Beginning Pattern Writing, Sock Knitting, Surface Design (fabric dyeing techniques), and Soft Sculpture. I’m also going to participate in a kids workshop before Christmas though, so I’ll be starting sooner than I thought. I’m going to have a “station” for wet felted Christmas ornaments. I was thinking using cooking cutters, roving, and bits of ribbon for each one. I think that’s pretty kid-o friendly.


I happily packed up orders this morning, felted my basket (pattern for cl), and took off to work. Work was work. Then I stopped at the UPS store to pick up my cl mail. I had two letters! A letter from my good crafty buddy Carolyn and a letter from another citizen of my old hometown Charlotte N. I posted an interview with her on Craft Leftovers awhile ago. She has some new roving available and sent me samples! Hooray! It is so soft and wonderful. I really want to get some. And, perfect timing, I just happen to be starting a spinning class next week! I’m going to learn how to spin on a wheel and improve my drop spindle skills too! Hooray! That was the other good thing about Thursday. I found out we were starting the class on this coming up Thursday.

So now that the pattern is up, what’s on the agenda for the rest of the night? I think, honestly, after I post this, I’m just going to go to bed. I’m totally beat. Thanks for all the nice comments too. You are right about molly being a great stress reliever. She’s actually stretched out and purring in my lap right now. Haha. I love this cat. Knitting and tea always help out too 🙂

Have a good night!


I love this little top shelf on my loom. I’m keeping my shuttles, bobbins, crank, and any other little weaving thing-a-mi-jigs in there. Love that!


Unfortunately I only had one lease stick so I needed to make another one before I started warping the loom. I was also missing the bolts for the breast beam, so to Lowes I went this morning. I picked up a piece of pine trim, cut it in half, glued the two pieces back together and drilled two holes. I am so proud of this for some reason, haha. The little things folks, the little things make me super happy.


Do you see that? That is 56″ of awesome weaving width. Someday I’ll make a rug on this baby, but for now I’m just testing out the middle 18″. I had some warp left over from my last semester at school, so I tied it up and took it with me. I’m thinking a scarf would be nice to make. I’ll play around with twill structures and just get back into things. It’s been about 6 months since I was last on a four harness loom.


Oh and check that out! You see those slots there? That’s for 6 more harnesses that this baby will hold. Now just where to get them. I’m going to start searching all over the internet. The thing is, this loom, the company that made it is out of business. Lame!


And here it is in all it’s glory taking up about half of my studio space, haha. I can work around it no problem. Just to give you a frame of reference as to how big this bad boy is, that window right there is about 5 feet wide! Wowzers!

And with that, I’m off to go thread some more of those heddles. 18 down, 172 to go!

Have a great night!

Stam's Chocolates

I just started my first day of work at Chocolaterie Stam. The chocolate is the best. We are one of two stores in the US. The other one is just a half hour away in Des Moines and that’s where all of our chocolates are made. The owner of the DesMoines shop is actually the son of the son of the son of the original shop owner in Amsterdam. The shop in Amsterdam is still open and owned by the family. Wonderful. I love that.

We also sell gelato and it’s made with Picket Fence Creamery (a local dairy). We also serve espresso drinks and really nice coffee. And our cream? Well, it’s so fresh that we actually have to strain it! You can make butter with it (I should try that come time… like making butter out of fresh cream, not butter out of the stuff we strain off).

So far I am loving working there. It’s a true delight. It’s clean and nice and it’s store policy to say “please and thank you and your welcome”. We call every one ladies and gentlemen. It’s just too cute. We have piano players come in and play all the time too, wonderful music to work by.

I’m sure I’ll have griping points in a few more weeks, but right now, I’m loving it 🙂 The only complaint I have is that my tolerance for sweets is so low. I did good today on coffee though, only 1 cup of regular and I went with decaf the rest of the time. I think I’ll bring some tea in for myself tomorrow. We serve tea, but I’m kind of a snob when it comes to tea, haha.

Well, so much for starting posting drawings every day. Little did I know that I would get not just one but two jobs on Tuesday and start so soon. It’s been great, but things have been a little out of order since Tuesday morning.

I don’t think I’ll have time to post tomorrow, but I’ll shoot for Saturday. Finally get that banana bread recipe for you 🙂

See you then!


So I’ve been just tacking up all my drawings in my studio. It kind of keeps me thinking about it and ideas flowing.


The yarn is finally dry and I’ll start listing it in the shop tomorrow. The above is a preview of the new colorways.


I was about to start taking pictures of my yarn when I noticed the pile of bananas turning quite black and having little flies starting to buzz around. Well, we have enough crickets and spiders around here so I really don’t want fruit flies too. I whipped up a huge batch of banana bread, it turned out delicious. I wasn’t in the mood for super sweet, and I wanted whole wheat flour in there, then I didn’t have much butter, and no baking soda… haha. By the end of “whipping up” the batter I had completely made up my own recipe for it. After I finish this post I think I’m going to have a couple of slices.


I cooked this up in the slow cooker last week. Curried lentils from 125 of the Best Vegiterian Slow Cooker Recipes. Jason and i both gave it a two thumbs up, 5 star rating. I made some Spicy Lemon Ginger Tofu tonight and that also got the 5 star rating from both of us. I wrote down the recipe right after I made it so hopefully I’ll be able to remake it. I still haven’t been able to reproduce the reduced red wine sauce that I made a few months ago… I know to write it down right away because I will forget! Anyway, anyway.


This was from a week+ ago, but it still makes me happy. It’s the October clm all ready to go out the door. Such a good feeling.


And here’s Molly out on her break. We’ve been letting her outside under close supervision lately and this was the last time she went out without her suspenders. We bought her a harness and leash this past week and we eat breakfast and plan the day’s work out on the patio every morning. She loves it and she sleeps through the night now.


I started these slippers and am happy to report I have one of the argyle toes finished, just one more to go. A lot of people on ravelry say they have a ton of problems with the actual putting together of the slippers. Like they are too floppy on the feet. Well, I have a plan for that, so let’s hope it works or this will all be in vain.


And here is the scarf I’m working on for Jason. I finally figured out the pattern and my knitting mojo has been restored. I actually ripped it out over a dozen times. No joke. I’m not telling a tall one. I can count 12, so I’m assuming it was more. I beat it and my confidence is all in tack again, haha.


And this will soon be a little pull over. Just seaming and buttons to go.

Oh would you like the recipe for the banana bread? I can post it for you as I made a point to write it down how I made it this time, go me! Same for the Spicy Lemon Ginger Tofu… I think I’ll post them both this week, but I’ll break them up.

Well, it’s 10:26, so I’m going to end this here and work on those slippers a bit more.

Have a good night, see you all tomorrow!

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