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Ah with tax times comes business structuring questions. Are all of my businesses one business, or all they are separate? Well. Here is what I decided. They are all one business, they just manifest themselves in many ways…. but how do I prove that to the fed?

I’m going to start, very slowly, to make a website…. a real website. Scary. I might use wordpress like I did for Craft Leftovers or I might actually just have a website website, non blog, but with a blog contained in it.

The way I’m thinking about it is that Kro Studio would be the main deal, what I make into my “business” name. Kro stands for “kristin roach originals” and is kind of a long standing name between my mom and I. I told her I would make a copy of this drawing I did and she said ‘that’s not good enough, I want a Kristin Roach Original’ and ever since then I’ve been signing my work kro with a little rectangle around it. That or Kristin M Roach type signature… anyway, so I like that name, it has a story and a history with me, I like that. I like stories. It’s pronounced Crow Studio. Since I was 15 I have wanted to open up a “kro studio and gallery” where I would have shows, teach classes, serve coffee…. I still really want that. And for me this will be the first step to realizing that long standing dream.

Then Craft Leftovers would be considered a kro studio project (which is what it is really anyway) and Green Prairie Fibers would be a product line that kro studio (me :)) produces.I’m not sure how this is all going to pan out, but I suppose it just will and I will see where I am when I get there ­čÖé

In other restructuring news, I’ve changed my ideas about my show. The content is the same, the work is pretty much the same, but since I have 2 weeks to get everything ready I have decided to change the method of work a bit. Also cost was an issue. Heck, I’m the craft leftovers woman, why should I treat my art like some kind of new material eating pet? I have a huge pile of wooden panels, crate lids, cabinet doors, lengths of wood, etc in my studio. Why spend a crap load of money of canvas and new wood? I’m really not sure. So I have decided to approach things a little differently.┬áThere will be no photography, I’m just not confident enough in my photography to show it in a gallery or anywhere else other than my blog, flickr, and as product shots. Maybe in a few years, but not yet. Instead I have disected my photos into parts and each part will be a panel and then the different panels will be clustered together to make up one image. They will be stand alone works when seen on their own. My goal is to make them equally interesting together and apart.

For me this makes more sense and it lends itself to quicker production (no building time, no 2 days of gessoing or only working a half hour before having to set it aside for the day so it can dry). Also, it lends itself better to my own aesthetic of using what I have on hand to discuss what is around me as well as important to me.

Here is a picture of the images I decided to use:
Photo Selection 1 

I scratched into them to figure out what the “parts” would be. And then I narrowed it down to something I could actually maybe get done:

So these nine images will be broken up into 25 separate panels of various sizes. It should be pretty neat. 

And here is a picture of Molly, who was watching me do all this sorting out and throwing pictures around. It’s blurry, but you get the idea:

She is actually pretty lean, but look at all that fur! She is seriously a foot wide!

And with that I’m going to get back to work on taxes and drawing and planning out clm for April, my birthday month!




So it’s official, my friend Austin and I are full of ourselves, but only in a joking way. So we are having our bfa show together; he’s also a painting major. He jokingly said that he wanted to title his show “my art’s better than your art” and then I said, “you can’t do that, how would that make me look? I’m going to title my show ‘my art’s the best’ ” we both started laughing pretty hard and that was that. We shook on it and here we are, the biggest egos in the school, haha. It’s all in good fun though.

So the above is my show cards (the info is also in the side bar) is what is above. That’s the one painting that I have finished and on the “back” is one of the photos that will be shown.

It’s going to be a really fun reception. Homemade bread and hummus, shrimp stuff, and root beer floats. Delicious! You are all invited too, I hope to see you there!

Amazing what catching up on my stuff allows!

Here is a progress photo of the painting I’m working on in its current state:

progress of a painting

I finally got into the studio today! I stretched another canvas and did the first coat of gesso, then another coat on my other canvas. They should both be ready to go come monday no problem.

I did a whole lot of running around: paying bills, returning library books (a $20 fine! paid! it’s my way of supporting my local library), groceries, etc.

It felt good to get things checked off the ol’ to do list.

I also received and put away my uline order. Look at all that tape!
lots of tape! And they sent me this: tape! for free! wow wee! I feel industrial! Industrial crafting!

Now with all this getting things done, I am still procrastinating metals. I think that, subconciously I just don’t want to do it right now, and I forgot all the stuff at my studio. Oh well. Pizza and movie night instead I think ­čÖé

See you all later!

++ Kristin Roach ++

Well for one, flickr is working well again.

And another thing, I finally finished adding all my yarn to Ravelry for Green Prairie Fibers and I’m offically now a yarnie!

Check that out here. I’m so proud of this. Basically, for those of you on Ravelry, it will make it a lot easier to add gpf yarn to your stash! All for you folks! It also made me finally decide on some names for some of the yarns.

I decided on:
Ancient Trees = bulky merino
Prairie Trees = Worsted merino
Super Prairie Trees = worsted superwash merino
Easy Feet = sock yarn, superwash/nylon, 480 yards
Prairie Grasses = fingering weight, superwash, 280 yards
Cotton Twist = cotton/merino 2 ply, bulky
Prairie Naturals Tweed = tweed naturally dyed yarn, fingering
Prairie Naturals Semi-solid = naturally dyed yarn, semi solid, fingering

I still have two more types of yarn that I haven’t dyed yet. A merino fingering weight (not superwash, nice for lace I would think), and a bulky domestic wool that would be good for felted projects.

I also did get some of my yarn in the shop and I’m starting to offer yarn for dyeing, so if you want to give it a try, you can. I’m starting off with some of my favorite sock yarn. It’s soft and plush and wonderful.


I haven’t made it into the studio yet, but I’m going to wait until 7pm when I can park in front of the building, it is so cold!

I did make some really good dinner, a nice vegitarian chili. It was so delicious! And, because I was being a thinker this time, I wrote down what I put in it, how much, how and when I put it in, and took a picture. Amazing!

Here are the pictures I wanted to show earlier that have now been buried under 3 flickr pages worth of yarn:

DSC_0006 DSC_0007
DSC_0010 DSC_0011

And here is my disaster of a fibers studio before cleaning it:


And this is the still life I set up to practice different painting techniques on:


I’ll post updated pictures from the studio tomorrow!

See you all on the flip side!

++ Kristin Roach ++

First off I want to say thanks again for all the wonderful support you all have given me. At first I was kind of annoyed with classes being suspended a week, but now, I see the wisdom in it. I wasn’t even directly affected, but I was still affected. Just a lack lusterness that is not my usual standard of living. It took me almost a week to get back on task and start working on my daily, well, work again. But now I am. And it sure feels good. I’ve recovered. Got some good R&R (reading, knitting, wii, weeeeeeeeee for the wii). And now I’m really cranking out the work.

Yesterday I did a whole lot of recipe testing for this month’s clm, which is in the shop, btw. And the one (which i’m not talking about because it’s going into the zine was awesome) turned out so perfect and the other, yogurt, was a flop. I think I added the yogurt before the milk was cool enough, so nothing happened. Now I just have some yogurty smelling thick milk, yuck. I feel like it’s making fun of me, so, just to teach that yogurt from scratch who is boss, I’m going to try again today. I’m also going to try to make some egg nog. I really want some and of course you just can’t get the stuff anywhere anymore.

I did get yarn dyed up last week and it turned out really well. I’ll be getting that up into the shop today or tomorrow (depending on reskiening and etc). I have already sold 2 skeins in person and one skein was a birthday present to my friend Jess.

In the mood of getting things done, Craft Leftovers Monthly is in the shop. I really like this month’s cover:

This month is all about the sun coming back home. Even though it is totally snowy outside, I am so happy the sun is shining again. Ahhhh, so nice. I have a bunch of really great stuff set aside for this issue. I was on the ball this past month.

Back to studio practice, I had an interesting revelation about the painting I was working on. It was not something I would have liked to have hanging on my wall. It was too smooth. Too clean. Too proper. So I went about muddying it up a bit.

Here is the starting point:


Flickr is doing something kind of weird, it’s uploading my photos, they are showing up in my photo page, but then when you click on them, they aren’t there. So go here to see all the stages of the painting so far. It was better at this point (from a wip standpoint, not a finished piece), but I wasn’t sure where to take it next. So I set it down for a week. Then, of all days, Thursday I attacked it with furver and it turned out just perfect. I still have more to do (adding in the foreground for one thing), but I got it over that “this doesn’t really look like much” to the “wow, that’s a nice painting (pats self on back)”.

I’ll show you a new progress photo later tonight. I’m going into my studio today. First time since last Thursday. I have two stretcher bars finished, one has canvas stretched and the first coat of gesso on it. I’m all sorts of happy that I get to go in there today and get it finished up and start the next. I think i’ll be able to get the first of the series just about finished today, so I’ll start the second while I’m gessoing the third. I really need to step up the pace. I just got my Senior Show date finalized and it’s in three weeks! Yikes! Two of my friends in the painting program will be in it too, so, thankfully, not all me. But still. I want to get about 9 paintings done. And I want to have quite a few photos too. Plus a found object instillation. I’m going to electroplating found objects, casting them in luminecent beeswax, and making them into objects of art instead of ordinary “stuff”.

The other pictures that you saw on flickr? Well the honey bear is a still life I set up. I’m going to paint it several times using different techniques. The big mess picture? That is my at home fibers studio before I tackled cleaning it up.

I also just finished up this pattern on Monday:


Thanks Jill for the great name idea! Naming and titling my work is always my hardest task. Crazy how that works when it is such a small thing.

Well, I’m going to get back to work.

See you you all later tonight with new wip photos!

++Kristin Roach++

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