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So I was catching up on my podcasts this morning on the drive home and heard an excellent interview on the Craft Sanity PodCast with Samara O’Shea of Letter Lover and author of For the Love of Letters. I have been thinking and loving on the ideas of letters lately. My friend Jill and I are starting a swap with each other and I’ve made a list of “need to write”. My most current stationary has cartoon kitties and frilly little girl flowers… cute. I like it… but not really “my style” any more. My great aunt and I have been exchanging letters since I was very young. She been writing me since I can remember and I have been writing her since I could write. We have fallen off in the last few years. Me with school, her caring for her ill husband and daughter. She is the most lovely woman I know.

She sent me seeds in many of her letters. Seeds from her garden. The first I remember planting and really caring for were holly hocks. I did so many water colors and pen and ink drawings of that one plant. Later when I had the chance to have my own garden in my grand parents back yard, I carefully collected seeds from my mom’s garden and planted those. My aunt sent more seeds, some of which I still have tucked away, to start this new plot.



I have been without a garden for so long. Since my grandparents died. I miss it so much. I still subscribe to Organic Gardening and read You Grow Girl everyday. Jason, love that guy, bought me You Grow Girl: The Groundbreaking Guide to Gardening for no particular reason, which is the best reason, and gave it to me over break.

I love this project, so great. I have so many gardening books, but I really feel like this one captures how I feel about the whole process. It’s so resourceful, smart, well written. I enjoy Gayla’s writing style and I am just so inspired after reading it.

There are two main things her coming together. My love of gardening and of letter writing. These two things hitting me upside the head at the same time.

I’m going to bring them together with my print gocco. I want to make stationary for myself and to send to my Great Aunt, who really is great.

Print Goco

I always kind of need a side dish project (because i’m a side dish a-hole, you know what i mean jill) that isn’t tied up in a larger project. It gives me some room to feel like I’m playing even though I’m still making stuff.

You all most likely won’t see the end results of this idea until April, but that’s okay. I’m going to work on sketches…. then in april, after all the deadlines. I’m going to burn a couple of screens and go nuts. I might just take the opportunity to learn to really how to silk screen with photo emulsion and such.

oh oh oh, here is something from the other day:

crustless quiche I whipped up to use up the last of my veggies and eggs before vacation.

Now the funny story behind this is that I totally love this quiche, it was really good. I ate about half and was like “i think jason would like this, I think I’ll take it with me to ames” then I left it in the car on accident. It froze. Then we had a heat wave of 40+ degrees and it literally melted… gross! I kind of am hungry now. Dang it. I know it’s late (Jason), but I’m dyeing (spelled it like dye… haha, dying, no e) here. I’ll see you cats later, I’m going to go rangle up some grub…

What is up with all these oldie phrases, whatever, as if, I like them. hehe.

I’m going to take some photos of the pots I made, but that will have to wait until better light. My plan is to eventually, someday, have an outdoor kiln as part of a compost pile (burning down stuff to smolder around the pots for low fire, um, firing). Ah eventually someday. I really like making pots like these. I’ll show you tomorrow… I’ll talk more about it then.

See you all later folk!



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