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So I’ve been just tacking up all my drawings in my studio. It kind of keeps me thinking about it and ideas flowing.


The yarn is finally dry and I’ll start listing it in the shop tomorrow. The above is a preview of the new colorways.


I was about to start taking pictures of my yarn when I noticed the pile of bananas turning quite black and having little flies starting to buzz around. Well, we have enough crickets and spiders around here so I really don’t want fruit flies too. I whipped up a huge batch of banana bread, it turned out delicious. I wasn’t in the mood for super sweet, and I wanted whole wheat flour in there, then I didn’t have much butter, and no baking soda… haha. By the end of “whipping up” the batter I had completely made up my own recipe for it. After I finish this post I think I’m going to have a couple of slices.


I cooked this up in the slow cooker last week. Curried lentils from 125 of the Best Vegiterian Slow Cooker Recipes. Jason and i both gave it a two thumbs up, 5 star rating. I made some Spicy Lemon Ginger Tofu tonight and that also got the 5 star rating from both of us. I wrote down the recipe right after I made it so hopefully I’ll be able to remake it. I still haven’t been able to reproduce the reduced red wine sauce that I made a few months ago… I know to write it down right away because I will forget! Anyway, anyway.


This was from a week+ ago, but it still makes me happy. It’s the October clm all ready to go out the door. Such a good feeling.


And here’s Molly out on her break. We’ve been letting her outside under close supervision lately and this was the last time she went out without her suspenders. We bought her a harness and leash this past week and we eat breakfast and plan the day’s work out on the patio every morning. She loves it and she sleeps through the night now.


I started these slippers and am happy to report I have one of the argyle toes finished, just one more to go. A lot of people on ravelry say they have a ton of problems with the actual putting together of the slippers. Like they are too floppy on the feet. Well, I have a plan for that, so let’s hope it works or this will all be in vain.


And here is the scarf I’m working on for Jason. I finally figured out the pattern and my knitting mojo has been restored. I actually ripped it out over a dozen times. No joke. I’m not telling a tall one. I can count 12, so I’m assuming it was more. I beat it and my confidence is all in tack again, haha.


And this will soon be a little pull over. Just seaming and buttons to go.

Oh would you like the recipe for the banana bread? I can post it for you as I made a point to write it down how I made it this time, go me! Same for the Spicy Lemon Ginger Tofu… I think I’ll post them both this week, but I’ll break them up.

Well, it’s 10:26, so I’m going to end this here and work on those slippers a bit more.

Have a good night, see you all tomorrow!


So I was catching up on my podcasts this morning on the drive home and heard an excellent interview on the Craft Sanity PodCast with Samara O’Shea of Letter Lover and author of For the Love of Letters. I have been thinking and loving on the ideas of letters lately. My friend Jill and I are starting a swap with each other and I’ve made a list of “need to write”. My most current stationary has cartoon kitties and frilly little girl flowers… cute. I like it… but not really “my style” any more. My great aunt and I have been exchanging letters since I was very young. She been writing me since I can remember and I have been writing her since I could write. We have fallen off in the last few years. Me with school, her caring for her ill husband and daughter. She is the most lovely woman I know.

She sent me seeds in many of her letters. Seeds from her garden. The first I remember planting and really caring for were holly hocks. I did so many water colors and pen and ink drawings of that one plant. Later when I had the chance to have my own garden in my grand parents back yard, I carefully collected seeds from my mom’s garden and planted those. My aunt sent more seeds, some of which I still have tucked away, to start this new plot.



I have been without a garden for so long. Since my grandparents died. I miss it so much. I still subscribe to Organic Gardening and read You Grow Girl everyday. Jason, love that guy, bought me You Grow Girl: The Groundbreaking Guide to Gardening for no particular reason, which is the best reason, and gave it to me over break.

I love this project, so great. I have so many gardening books, but I really feel like this one captures how I feel about the whole process. It’s so resourceful, smart, well written. I enjoy Gayla’s writing style and I am just so inspired after reading it.

There are two main things her coming together. My love of gardening and of letter writing. These two things hitting me upside the head at the same time.

I’m going to bring them together with my print gocco. I want to make stationary for myself and to send to my Great Aunt, who really is great.

Print Goco

I always kind of need a side dish project (because i’m a side dish a-hole, you know what i mean jill) that isn’t tied up in a larger project. It gives me some room to feel like I’m playing even though I’m still making stuff.

You all most likely won’t see the end results of this idea until April, but that’s okay. I’m going to work on sketches…. then in april, after all the deadlines. I’m going to burn a couple of screens and go nuts. I might just take the opportunity to learn to really how to silk screen with photo emulsion and such.

oh oh oh, here is something from the other day:

crustless quiche I whipped up to use up the last of my veggies and eggs before vacation.

Now the funny story behind this is that I totally love this quiche, it was really good. I ate about half and was like “i think jason would like this, I think I’ll take it with me to ames” then I left it in the car on accident. It froze. Then we had a heat wave of 40+ degrees and it literally melted… gross! I kind of am hungry now. Dang it. I know it’s late (Jason), but I’m dyeing (spelled it like dye… haha, dying, no e) here. I’ll see you cats later, I’m going to go rangle up some grub…

What is up with all these oldie phrases, whatever, as if, I like them. hehe.

I’m going to take some photos of the pots I made, but that will have to wait until better light. My plan is to eventually, someday, have an outdoor kiln as part of a compost pile (burning down stuff to smolder around the pots for low fire, um, firing). Ah eventually someday. I really like making pots like these. I’ll show you tomorrow… I’ll talk more about it then.

See you all later folk!


aloo market bag

Aloo Market Bag, I finallllly finished it after so many months. I am going to finish writing the pattern soon (hopefully) and it will be $1 in the gpf shop and free with purchase of aloo yarn (i’m adding it back into the shop soon).

wrap around shawl

The start of Jason’s mom’s wrap around shawl. I’m going to start working on it again soon.

Everything Veggie Chille

This is the everything veggie chili I made yesterday, so delicious! I’m eating some right now.

I’ve added most of my projects to my project page on Ravelry. You can see my organizing work here.

I also did a whole lot of organizing on flickr too, and added a ton of new pictures. You can see all the collections here.

Oh I also added more yarn to the shop today. I’m having a really hard time not keeping it for myself. I love the bulky and the new sock yarn so much, oh and the worsted… can I just hoard it all? 😛 No! You need to buy it so I can buy more craft stuff, oh and pay bills and buy groceries.

Well for one, flickr is working well again.

And another thing, I finally finished adding all my yarn to Ravelry for Green Prairie Fibers and I’m offically now a yarnie!

Check that out here. I’m so proud of this. Basically, for those of you on Ravelry, it will make it a lot easier to add gpf yarn to your stash! All for you folks! It also made me finally decide on some names for some of the yarns.

I decided on:
Ancient Trees = bulky merino
Prairie Trees = Worsted merino
Super Prairie Trees = worsted superwash merino
Easy Feet = sock yarn, superwash/nylon, 480 yards
Prairie Grasses = fingering weight, superwash, 280 yards
Cotton Twist = cotton/merino 2 ply, bulky
Prairie Naturals Tweed = tweed naturally dyed yarn, fingering
Prairie Naturals Semi-solid = naturally dyed yarn, semi solid, fingering

I still have two more types of yarn that I haven’t dyed yet. A merino fingering weight (not superwash, nice for lace I would think), and a bulky domestic wool that would be good for felted projects.

I also did get some of my yarn in the shop and I’m starting to offer yarn for dyeing, so if you want to give it a try, you can. I’m starting off with some of my favorite sock yarn. It’s soft and plush and wonderful.


I haven’t made it into the studio yet, but I’m going to wait until 7pm when I can park in front of the building, it is so cold!

I did make some really good dinner, a nice vegitarian chili. It was so delicious! And, because I was being a thinker this time, I wrote down what I put in it, how much, how and when I put it in, and took a picture. Amazing!

Here are the pictures I wanted to show earlier that have now been buried under 3 flickr pages worth of yarn:

DSC_0006 DSC_0007
DSC_0010 DSC_0011

And here is my disaster of a fibers studio before cleaning it:


And this is the still life I set up to practice different painting techniques on:


I’ll post updated pictures from the studio tomorrow!

See you all on the flip side!

++ Kristin Roach ++

First off I want to say thanks again for all the wonderful support you all have given me. At first I was kind of annoyed with classes being suspended a week, but now, I see the wisdom in it. I wasn’t even directly affected, but I was still affected. Just a lack lusterness that is not my usual standard of living. It took me almost a week to get back on task and start working on my daily, well, work again. But now I am. And it sure feels good. I’ve recovered. Got some good R&R (reading, knitting, wii, weeeeeeeeee for the wii). And now I’m really cranking out the work.

Yesterday I did a whole lot of recipe testing for this month’s clm, which is in the shop, btw. And the one (which i’m not talking about because it’s going into the zine was awesome) turned out so perfect and the other, yogurt, was a flop. I think I added the yogurt before the milk was cool enough, so nothing happened. Now I just have some yogurty smelling thick milk, yuck. I feel like it’s making fun of me, so, just to teach that yogurt from scratch who is boss, I’m going to try again today. I’m also going to try to make some egg nog. I really want some and of course you just can’t get the stuff anywhere anymore.

I did get yarn dyed up last week and it turned out really well. I’ll be getting that up into the shop today or tomorrow (depending on reskiening and etc). I have already sold 2 skeins in person and one skein was a birthday present to my friend Jess.

In the mood of getting things done, Craft Leftovers Monthly is in the shop. I really like this month’s cover:

This month is all about the sun coming back home. Even though it is totally snowy outside, I am so happy the sun is shining again. Ahhhh, so nice. I have a bunch of really great stuff set aside for this issue. I was on the ball this past month.

Back to studio practice, I had an interesting revelation about the painting I was working on. It was not something I would have liked to have hanging on my wall. It was too smooth. Too clean. Too proper. So I went about muddying it up a bit.

Here is the starting point:


Flickr is doing something kind of weird, it’s uploading my photos, they are showing up in my photo page, but then when you click on them, they aren’t there. So go here to see all the stages of the painting so far. It was better at this point (from a wip standpoint, not a finished piece), but I wasn’t sure where to take it next. So I set it down for a week. Then, of all days, Thursday I attacked it with furver and it turned out just perfect. I still have more to do (adding in the foreground for one thing), but I got it over that “this doesn’t really look like much” to the “wow, that’s a nice painting (pats self on back)”.

I’ll show you a new progress photo later tonight. I’m going into my studio today. First time since last Thursday. I have two stretcher bars finished, one has canvas stretched and the first coat of gesso on it. I’m all sorts of happy that I get to go in there today and get it finished up and start the next. I think i’ll be able to get the first of the series just about finished today, so I’ll start the second while I’m gessoing the third. I really need to step up the pace. I just got my Senior Show date finalized and it’s in three weeks! Yikes! Two of my friends in the painting program will be in it too, so, thankfully, not all me. But still. I want to get about 9 paintings done. And I want to have quite a few photos too. Plus a found object instillation. I’m going to electroplating found objects, casting them in luminecent beeswax, and making them into objects of art instead of ordinary “stuff”.

The other pictures that you saw on flickr? Well the honey bear is a still life I set up. I’m going to paint it several times using different techniques. The big mess picture? That is my at home fibers studio before I tackled cleaning it up.

I also just finished up this pattern on Monday:


Thanks Jill for the great name idea! Naming and titling my work is always my hardest task. Crazy how that works when it is such a small thing.

Well, I’m going to get back to work.

See you you all later tonight with new wip photos!

++Kristin Roach++




I took these pictures Monday night and last Wednesday. You can see more of the others here.

Class was canceled today and with good reason. They have been holding off for quite a long time calling off school and with the forcast of 14 inches of snow and wind gusts, they finally did…. and then it didn’t snow much at all! Awesome! There were near white out conditions though, so it wasn’t like it was sunny and 70 or anything.

I texted my friend Jess first thing in the morning and was like “no school, esther’s place?” and she was like “hell yeah, let me take a shower first” so she did and then we did and it was so nice.

The owner’s mom offered us hot chocolate and sat us down with needle felting stuff and we felted away the afternoon, then bought roving for felting, I signed up for the drop spindle class, and bought a weaving hand book. They have all sorts of amazing things. If you live within a 6 hour + drive, sign up for a weekend retreat, because it is also a bed and breakfast!

I’ll take my camera next time and shoot some photos and let you all know how the class goes and write up a proper review.

I spent the rest of my afternoon fixing my sewing machine… and i feel so ridiculous, i just needed to change out the needle because I bent it on a straight pin (i almost always pull them out before stitching over them, but this one was missed some how and of course it bent it out of wack). I actually took off the casing to see if it was misaligned and then I pouted for a few hours and let it sit for a super long time thinking it would fix itself and just needed a long rest, maybe a night’s sleep… I don’t think it was the machine that needed that, it was me! I sat back down at it late tonight and was like “maybe the needle” duh! Then lots of cleaning and laundry.

Tomorrow I’m going to venture out into the cold tundra to the store and pick up:
1. hair brush – i dropped mine in the toilet… gross
2. yoga pants – i finally made it to the rec center with my friend for yoga and realized i need some proper clothing to flex around in so i don’t show off my back side (plumber issues) or my front side (shirt sliding up way to high on those forward dog pose deals (just my stomach, no flashing)… every muscle in my body still hurts… so good!
3. cup of yogurt, dehygerated milk, and some glass jars because I’m going to make some yogurt! I just need a small thing of yogurt so I can have the proper bacteria stuff. Anyone know a good recipe? I’m compiling a list and im going to try out a few.

I’m also, after wanting to for 2 weeks now, dye yarn! second thing in the morning (i’m going to do dishes first so i have some room for yarn).

I’ll have more wip pictures for you soon. I took some last night in the studio, but haven’t transfered them yet.

Have a good night!
++ Kristin Roach ++

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