I am in the flux of becoming an adult and pretending that I am one. Going to school at a lesser know state university has been depressing at its worst and interesting and full of opportunities at best. I guess it’s one f those attitude things. Some days my attitude is better than others. One thing is for sure, I am on the brink of leaving university with a BFA in Painting and a minor in art history. At the same time, for the last year I have been fostering my dearest of projects

Craft Leftovers MonthlyCraft Leftovers

as well as following my passion of dyeing yarns with natural dyes,

Deep Walnut Tweed Sock YarnGreen Prairie Fibers.

Can all this possibly add up to a living? I can only hope with more time allowed for following my creative cravings it will. I am on the brink of being a working artist. And it sure is exciting.

Home Studio

Here, on this blog, I want to share the day to day with you. Not just what makes it into a gallery or Craft Leftovers, but the crafting I do for myself. The baking and making and frustrations and the glue in my hair and having to chop off eight inches because of it experiences.