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So, it’s pretty strange, I am allergic to leather. I’m pretty okay wearing a coat I’ve had since high school, but with shoes, I just can’t risk it. I think it was about a year or two ago that I first realized that when I wore leather shoes, my feet would start to itch, then my toes would get all dried out, then they would swell, turn purple, and then the skin would peel off! Gross! It would take like a week or so to get through all of it after the one time of wearing the leather shoes. Nasty.

So I wore Keds for a long time. Which I love. But they aren’t so great for riding my bike or for standing at work all day or walking. I looked around and found that Simple Shoes makes a hemp shoe that is super cute and there just happened to be a shop here in town that carries them, even better. I went down there and they man working was just great. He had me try on about 4 pairs of shoes. Measured my feet, twice. And then ordered them for me. They came in on Saturday and I’ve been wearing them ever sense.

Oh and check out those awesome socks, hehe.

Have a good night!