I just wanted to post really quick, since I left the last post on such a crappy note, that Thursday was much better than Wednesday and Friday was not too bad either. Today has also been pretty good. It’s not all bad.

Honestly, I think I was just getting really tired out. This part time job thing is starting to get to me. Not the hours, but all the sugar. Haha. Working at a chocolate shop is so hard. I realized last night that I’ve gained 8lbs since starting work there. It’s not just the chocolate. Jason and I have been eating out more since I haven’t had as much time to cook. I’m hoping it’s just for this adjustment period, that things will start to fall in to a routine again. I think they will.

I did get some good news on Friday. I’ll be teaching more than just the one class at the Octagon Shop. I’ll be teaching Beginning Knitting, Beginning Tapestry Weaving, and then a series of fiber arts workshops. I think the list we worked up was Beginning Pattern Writing, Sock Knitting, Surface Design (fabric dyeing techniques), and Soft Sculpture. I’m also going to participate in a kids workshop before Christmas though, so I’ll be starting sooner than I thought. I’m going to have a “station” for wet felted Christmas ornaments. I was thinking using cooking cutters, roving, and bits of ribbon for each one. I think that’s pretty kid-o friendly.


I happily packed up orders this morning, felted my basket (pattern for cl), and took off to work. Work was work. Then I stopped at the UPS store to pick up my cl mail. I had two letters! A letter from my good crafty buddy Carolyn and a letter from another citizen of my old hometown Charlotte N. I posted an interview with her on Craft Leftovers awhile ago. She has some new roving available and sent me samples! Hooray! It is so soft and wonderful. I really want to get some. And, perfect timing, I just happen to be starting a spinning class next week! I’m going to learn how to spin on a wheel and improve my drop spindle skills too! Hooray! That was the other good thing about Thursday. I found out we were starting the class on this coming up Thursday.

So now that the pattern is up, what’s on the agenda for the rest of the night? I think, honestly, after I post this, I’m just going to go to bed. I’m totally beat. Thanks for all the nice comments too. You are right about molly being a great stress reliever. She’s actually stretched out and purring in my lap right now. Haha. I love this cat. Knitting and tea always help out too 🙂

Have a good night!