I used to draw daily, hourly…. as much as I could possibly in a day. It was an obsession. It is an obsession. Other things have caused that practice to go to the way side. I still draw, but only with purpose. Mapping out ideas, overs for craft leftovers monthly, figures for patterns, etc etc etc. I like drawing for the sake of drawing. I want to keep my skills sharp. I can tell already that I’m rusty.

Yesterday’s post was kind of about a similar thing, accountability through blogging. It’s helped me so much with leftover craft supplies, maybe, just maybe, it can help me with this too.

And without further ramblings, I’m starting now. Drawing Daily starting today:


This might seem a little weird, but as I was walking home from the laundry room I found a dead grasshopper on the ground, and maybe that’s not s weird unto itself. The thing is, I took it home. Haha. Then I drew it. And I think I’m going to draw it several more times. It’s the perfect thing really. Different textures, doesn’t take up much space, doesn’t move.

This little drawing is about 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inches, maybe bigger. I used too soft of a pencil for detail work, so I’ll draw it again tomorrow. And I suppose that is what I’m looking for right there, practice. I am going to start out with just studies. For now, studies of this grasshopper, maybe some plants, then move into some little color studies, paintings… and from that, larger works. I know from experience that when I draw on a regular basis, that’s when I get my big ideas.

I need to keep drawing though, especially while I can’t paint right now. We are working on getting the garage cleaned up, but I have a feeling it won’t happen this season. Maybe it will, but I’m not going to hold out for that. I might just take over the kitchen and so some acrylic paint, haha.

Well, I’ll see you all tomorrow!