I’m not sure what the title of this post means except that it popped into my head when I thought about today’s post. You see, I’ve been going a little nutty on beads. I can’t get enough of them. Well, I’m not going too crazy, and I’ll been making stitch markers as quickly as I get the beads in. It’s been so fun searching around for them, their like little nuggets of a rainbow. My friend Carolyn says they are like candy, hence her brilliant shop name Stitch Candy! I love that. Even though I am fully capable of making my own stitch markers, and I do for Green Prairie Fibers, she puts these cute ones into her shop all the time and end up hearting a set, stalking it for awhile, and then one day, whamm-o! I find it in my shopping cart and on the way to my mail box.

This is the last set I picked up from her shop:



And this is the newest lot of beads I bought for myself:


I bought them from Black Sheep Beads on Etsy. A lovely seller! They offer a variety of beads in all shapes, sizes, and materials. The shipping is great too. You can add on more items for just .25 cents extra. They also included a great little bag of extra goodies for me with a cute little thank you tag:


Here’s a close up of one of each type:


I didn’t dare take these out of their package:


And these are the newest set that I made with the beads I bought before this lot:



Oh and you can see the other stitch markers I’ve made here.

In other news, I moved the Craft Leftovers Shop back to etsy and it’s been going splendidly. I’m so happy to be back on etsy. I’ve added a ton of kits, handmade goodies, and you should make sure to check it out this week. I’m having a grand re-opening sale and you should make sure to take a look while the looking is, well, cheaper than usual 🙂 Also today is the last day to get your hands on a October issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly. So make sure to take a look at that too.

Sorry I’ve been scarce lately, I’ve been super busy and getting a lot of stuff done. The apartment is moving towards being in really good shape most of the time. Business has been really good lately and that’s been keeping me really busy in and of itself. It’s been great. I do regret that I haven’t been able to look at any blogs for awhile and am woefully behind in my rss feeds, but I’ve been sacrificing the time I would normally use to read blogs to do things for me… like knit and sew and read and do some experimental cooking. It’s a pretty good trade off, but I do miss the daily inspiration.

Have any of you seen any must see posts lately? what were they? link me up and I’ll go check it out.

Well, it’s time for lunch and then the post over on Craft Leftovers. I’ll hopefully be back sooner rather than later to give you an update on some things I’ve been knitting and making.

Have a good hump day!