I went ahead and laid out the all the quilt squares I cut the other day, you know, just for kicks.


Here’s a closer shot of some of the blocks.


Molly is my studio assistant and helped a ton… she was, umm, protecting it from the ferrets.


I started sewing it together. I mean, why lay it out if I am not going to sew it together.


And then I cut the border… the backing… the batting…. and put the layers together with safety pins. Haha. So much for “Oh I’ll just lay it out and see what it looks like”. Haha. I’m actually going to do little ties with yarn on the square corners instead of quilting it, then use bias tape around the edges.


On a random note, my honey got all stiff, so I decided to pop it in the microwave…. dumb… Poor little guy looks like he ran into a drunk plastic surgeon or some something. Thank goodness it’s apple picking season again. Jason and I are going on Saturday and hopefully I can score some honey and apple cider.

Have a good evening! Hopefully I’ll be back again soon 🙂