Kelp Knee High Socks

Kelp Knee High Socks

Kelp Knee High Socks

These lovelies are the socks I’ve been promising to show you for I don’t know how long. I fell in love with this yarn when I dyed it and actually made up a second batch. I wanted to see how tall of socks I could get by using one 2oz skeins for each sock. I did toe up.

Then, much to my own horror, I tested the superwash; and dye fastness by throwing it in the wash and drier on hot and high. They shrunk about 1/4" if not less, didn’t fade, and after like 5+ washes like this are just starting to pill. I normally just wash mine all by hand and hang to dry.

Sock Yarn

This is the pair I finished last night. I wanted to post them both at the same time, I’m not sure why, but that was the hold up in the posting. I really like them. I wore them all day today and felt pretty special.


This is the new yarn I just dyed up last night. I’ll be adding it to the Green Prairie Fibers on Wednsday (Labor day, duh! I’m going on a picnic and Jason has the day off so I’ll be taking photos wednesday morning and putting the first batch in that night. Things are taking a lot longer than I thought they would (prepping the yarn for the shoot and what not), I’ve been working on things all day and I’m beat. I’m going to chill and pick it up again first thing in the morning, the shop should be updated by noon tomorrow. I’ll be adding more on friday and then the last bit on monday). 15 skeins of new sock yarn, 6 new colorways! I’m so tempted to hoard some, but no, I already have enough sock yarn 🙂


And look at this cute little bunny I found! I was really worried about him, clearly scared by the huge mowers that mowed over his nest, he escaped, but would his mom be able to find him? He was out all day yesterday and when I checked this morning he was still there. Actually when I first saw him he was hiding under out little mini grill, not too good of protection, so I scooped him into a box and moved him behind my container garden, in the shade, lots of grass, only 3 feet from where he was.


And then look what I found this morning! There were 4! The mom-o must have moved them all, I swear they weren’t there before.

Then, and no picture of this, we found a dead bunny, Jason spotted it. It clearly got shredded by the mowers… soooo sad. At least 4 of the 5 are safe now. It seems like the mom favored this spot, so hopefully they will stay put and stay safe.

And with that, I’m going to get going on some patterns and stitch markers and other fun stuff. I’ll post pictures of what I come up with (except the pattern, which I’m submitting to and so no pictures, so previews, no spoilers).

Best wishes and have a great weekend!