I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a sale before, if I have it’s been a long time since the last. I’m having a sale starting tomorrow and going until Tuesday (extended because of labor day, I forgot about that) at midnight central time. All Acid Dyed Yarns are 20% off! Hooray! Go check it out! Pick up some gorgeous yarn for a good good price!

gpf sock yarn aqua

This is one of the yarns that are 20% off. I can’t believe it’s still in the shop! It’s actually my favorite colorway I have ever dyed and I smuggled 2 skeins out of the shop for myself to make some socks with it. I’m going to mix it with the rusty walnut naturally dyed yarn of the same weight for some fancy fair isle sock fun. I’ll post pictures of that once I swatch up for it. Two skeins makes a pair of knee highs for size 7.5 feet. Mine actually went over my knees and I fold them down (with this yarn). I did toe up just to see how far I would get with each skein…. I got pretty far! Which makes me realize, although I showed a progress photo, I’ve never shown a picture of my finished socks! I’ll have to take one tomorrow and post it.

So that’s that, go get yourself some yarn before the sale is over. I’m cleaning out stock now because I’m dyeing some new stuff tomorrow and that will go in the shop on Wensday (labor day thing again 🙂 ). I’m also going to add some project bags and stitch markers made with those glass pieces.

I’m back from vacation btw and it was super fun. I’ve spent the last couple of days (mon – today) cleaning like mad, moving furniture around, and making things nicer around here. In the process I lost my new beads that I bought and a couple of other things. In the process I also found a lot of great stuff too! It is all a balance.

I’ll post again tomorrow with a Finished project shot of those socks! Wooo!