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These are my new treasures. I found them at Architectural Artifacts. The lady said she would give me a deal of the century on these chandelier pieces that started at $2 a piece…. And she did. It was awesome. The smaller beads I’m going to use for stitch markers, the medium ones for project bags (pull cord ends), and the large ones for a sun catcher. Lovely!

In other news I’m having a great vacation and succeeded in starting and finishing a book called “All the Way Home” by David Giffel. It’s so funny! I loved reading it. I was sucked in. It was great. I haven’t had the time to be sucked in to a book for the fun of reading it in a long time. I just finished it up this morning. Which is really great because I picked it up from the library on Monday here (I still have my public library card) and will be leaving on Saturday, so I can return it finished in under 5 days. That’s some kind of amazing record for me.

I used to devourer books, like one a week no problem. It hasn’t been like that for over 3 years now though. It was nice to rekindle that. I read all the time, don’t get me wrong, it just takes more around a month instead of 2-3 days to finish a book. It was nice.

I’m thinking about taking the first half of next weekend off once I get back to ames. Not to relax, but to try again to whip my new home with Jason into shape. I was getting burnt out. Now, away from it, I’m excited to try to go through the last 3 boxes that have not found a home, sort through more things to get rid of them and carve out a work space for Jason (something he really needs). It should be fun. It will be fun.

I’ll post some more later this weekend. I’m going to go walk to the yarn shop now, how delightful to spend my afternoon knitting 🙂

Have a good week!