White Bread

I have been baking my own bread off and on for quite some time, and somehow my white bread never turns out quite right. Usually it’s because I manage to collapse it after the second rising and so I have a collapsed baked loaf. Or I let it over rise and it tastes all yeasty, too yeasty. Or I don’t let it rise enough. Too much salt. Old yeast. Impatient. Etc Etc Etc!

Well, Tuesday I got it juuuuuust right! And Jason gave it two thumbs up and I’ve had a hard time keeping him from snacking on it. It’s supposed to be for sandwiches dang it! Haha. I act mad, but I’m actually flattered.

White Bread

It’s also the first time I remembered and did correctly the slices across the top as well as rubbing with water to keep the dough from cracking, but also giving it a better crust.

White Bread

I got the recipe from Beard On Bread, which is my favorite bread book ever. Myrtal’s Brown Bread is also from there. I used to make that just about every week this past semester. It was my poor woman’s meal. Hefty whole wheat bread with pb&j or hummus and olives, oh! or just some apple butter, that little sandwich was a whole meal! Delicious!


This is the book and the brown bread I’ve made in the past.

I think I’m going to go make that sandwich and eat an early lunch. I want to try it with the tofu I baked the other day.

I’ll be back with some more foody stuff and some studio things as well! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I’m posting twice today, so does that make up for it πŸ™‚

See you soon!