I love making fancy breakfasts on Sunday morning, usually later morning, so maybe brunch? Omelettes top the list for greatness, but I also like fried potatoes on the side, yogurt smoothies, waffles (I need to get a waffle iron for this, but I love making waffles with my mom when I go visit her), and pancakes! I love pancakes! I make cinnamon pancakes, walnut pancakes, pecan honey pancakes, blueberry pancakes, banana pancakes. Any combo there in. You know I’ve never made them from scratch though! What the heck! I make everything from scratch. I was raised on bisquick though and it works well, so why not stick with what works? Well, then I switched to flax seed multi-grain pancake mix from stoney mill. It just got expensive, even the bisquick. It’s just expensive. And besides, you have to add eggs and milk to it. Oil and water to the flax mix. I bake all the time, or at least often enough to have a good supply of flour of different types, baking soda, and etc. Why not make my own.

I came across Amy Karol’s recipe cheat sheet (I love her so much, it’s a good thing I don’t live in her town because I would probably creep her out and be all “be my frrrrieeeend” haha) and that was that. Pancakes were first on the list! So this past sunday I made them up, delicious!


I also made some glazed stawberries, which is super easy:

Glazed Strawberries

1 cup Strawberries cut into 1/8ths
1 T honey

Place strawberries into a small sauce pan on low heat. Stir until strawberries start to release their juice and turn deep red.

Add honey and stir to coat strawberries.

Spoon over pancakes, granola, or ice cream and enjoy!


Ohhhh, and this was the lunch break, the tofu sandwich on the homemade bread:

tofu sandwich, the right way

I said I was going to post studio stuff, but I have decided not to. Haha. So it goes. Maybe next week, but not today. Maybe if I’m feeling frisky I’ll post a picture of how buried my loom is. I think I’m going to start weaving on my tapestry loom again. So I’ll show pictures of that.

Have a good day!