I really like the etsy mini option and while updating Green Prairie Fibers today I decided I would post a little etsy mini here. Well, you know what? WordPress doesn’t support java or flash! I took a screen shot of the preview on etsy and put it up on flickr. So there. I’ll do it my own way. Granted now the image doesn’t link to anything but that’s okay.

I think I might have mentioned that I purchased a little ad space on Ravelry that is supposed to start showing up in the notebook section August 1st. So I made that my deadline to get things shaped up. I have grossly neglected gpf for, well, this year really! Geesh. I mean I dyed in March I think, but that was about it. I have let items expire and then not kept track of my inventory. All that is changing now. There were some steps I needed to take to get things back on track though:

1. New Banner
2. Inventory yarns in a database of what I have in the shop/what has sold/yarn specs/etc.
3. Update my in store yarns with new images, correct names (I changed the names to be more cohesive when I listed them in Ravelry).
4. Start relisting yarns that have expired and make sure inventory numbers are right and add them to the database.
5. Reskein all the new yarn that I have dyed and take product shots.
6. List new yarn.

Now that’s just to kind of get things back on track. There are other things I want to do too:
1. Make stitch marker sets/stitch markers to give away with orders.
2. Make accessory bags, kind of like my little postal option bags for Kro Postal that I made, but for knitting and crochet accessories specifically.
3. Make sock project bags (like the one that I made for myself, joan, and kelly).

So today I made a new banner:
new banner

Updated my inventory. Relisted a few yarns (I don’t want to crowd the first search page and then have them all disappear). And now I’m going to play with polymer clay for a bit trying to make some cute beads for stitch markers as well as my stitch marker making skills. Then I’m going to reskein some yarn.

I think I’ve gone a little spring cleaning happy. I also made Craft Leftovers a new banner:
Craft Leftovers Banner!

Changed around some code stuff, made some navigation changes, edited the about page, and added a Craft Leftovers Monthly page that has info about it and a current picture. I’m hoping to add a “how you can support craft leftovers” page that will have info about submitting articles, patterns, mailing me craft leftover donations, making money donations through paypal, and buying things from the shop. I really want to encourage people to do guest posts as well as send me mail. Haha. I love getting mail.

Well, I’m going to go work on polymer clay fun stuff!

Have a good day!