This past week has been absolutely nuts. Take a wedding that Jason is in and add it to trying to get clm out the door and then a nice dash of no car and a few cups of migraines just about every day for at least half the day! Honestly though, it was great! You know why? Because I made it! I made and got everything together and sent out and taken care of. And on top of that, I stuck with my Monday/Wednesday/Friday Schedule (almost anyway) Monday’s post was on Tuesday, but other than that it worked out well. I just posted my interview with Charlotte and accompanied by a give away for roving. I’m feeing better more ofter and getting more on top of things.

Here is a picture of Jason and I at the wedding. I couldn’t not get a shot of us when he was looking so fancy.


I rearranged my studio last night and cleaned and organized a ton. I’ve spent just about every hour of every day in the studio (except when I went out for a pint on Tuesday night with Jason and two of his friends). It’s been really good though and I really loved it. I love keeping busy and I love working on all these projects. Sure this week was mostly Craft Leftovers Monthly, but now it’s time to switch gears. I’m going to prepare Kro Postal for submission to Poppy Talk Handmade (deadline is coming up very very soon, just two days! Yikes!) and refashioning Green Prairie Fibers a bit. Guess what I did last week?

Preparing to Dye


This is just a sampling of the colorways. The yarn on the left is my first tries at spinning on a drop spindle. I soaked and dried it. The yarn on the bottom is a vintage wool. The woman who gave me her loom, gave me this yarn as well. It was 8 oz of undyed domestic wool. I think I’ll keep that and weave my first piece with it once I get my loom set up. Then above are the different color ways I tried out. It had been awhile since I dyed, and I never took good notes when I did before, so I’m experimenting with different techniques and color combinations right now. This time I’m taking really good notes!

I’m working on updating and changing around and adding new things to Green Prairie Fibers. It will be all set to go by August 1st. I purchased a small ad for it on Ravelry and thought I should put my best foot forward.

gpf-ravelryad gpf-ravelryad02

It’s for the month of August, so August 1st seemed like a good deadline to get things whipped into shape.

I have another awesome August surprise, but I have to stay mum about it until it is manifested, but because of that I’m also going to clean up this blog. It’s been awhile since I’ve changed the banner or colors or anything actually since I moved it over to wordpress. It’s time for some summer cleaning here too.

We have dinner plans tonight and I still have a lot to get done. I just wanted to check in and let you know what has been going on. Make sure to check out the give away. Or if you want to just send me a note (I love getting mail) my new parcel box address is:

Kro Studio
217 Welch Ave. #101
Ames, IA 50014

Hope to hear from you in writing soon! And I’ll be back with more pictures and news sometime this weekend.

++ Kristin Roach ++