Well, happy indeed. I feel a million times better. I did do some major cleaning yesterday and continued to be stressed right until I went to bed. I woke up feeling amazing. Full of determination to have a good day. Ha! Take that!

Molly did try to cheer me up, but just fell asleep instead. She claims she was keeping my quilt blocks safe from the ferrets, but I know the truth.

Safety Cat

I did get the kitchen floor completely swept and scrubbed, all the dishes done. I even collected up a box of dishes to go to the salvation army. I cleaned out the litter boxes, ferret cage, and then cleaned all the carpet really well and vacuumed. I cleaned my studio and organized and picked up all the little things on the floor under my work table. Lovely! Clean! Hooray!

Then I cleaned and sewed a ton of buttons to cards for Craft Leftovers Monthly. Craftzine mentioned it yesterday and the visits to my blog went from 600 to 1300! wooowzers! I got quite a few more orders too! I think that I’ll be able to pay my bills and living expenses this month without dipping into savings! That makes me feel really good too.

I started work on a little drawing last night too and that also felt good. I really need to start drawing and painting more. I think that’s a big part of my problem right now. No art making makes Kristin a depresso cranky pants girl.



I like where this is going. There will be many many more layers added, but so far so good. If I still like it when it’s done I’m going to get some prints made of it for Kro Postal and possibly for the Print Swap over at Aesthetic Outburst (if I didn’t miss the boat, I need to email her, so intimidating!).

And I’m done eating lunch, so time to go grab my laundry and head downtown, on the bus! My first Ames bus trip. I’m nervous. haha. How did I seriously go all over England by myself? Sometime I get these hang ups that are so silly. If I’m in the mindset to be adventurous I’m fine. And that’s it! An Ames on the Bus to Downtown Adventure. Camera – check! Sketch book – check! Money – Check! Bag for carrying groceries and books to the library – check and double check! Haha.

See you all later!

I’m back. I completely forgot, I wanted to tell you about these two articles I read earlier. Oh and the bus adventure went just great. I actually had a lot of fun and scored some great books at the library in the “Free” bookcase, I’ll post pictures tomorrow. The first was sourced from the simple dollar: The 20 Healthiest Foods Under a Dollar, very nice if you are living on the cheap and want the most bang for your buck, especially with how expensive food is getting, geesh! It mentions wild rice and I just found out the other day that you can cook that in the rice cooker now problem, or you can also boil it and drain it like pasta too. Oh and in the list, they give you serving suggestions for each food type and some links to recipes! So nice!

The other one was a guest article over on Zen Habits. How to Establish New Habits the No-Sweat Way by Mary Jaksch of Goodlife Zen. And from there, looking under the Creative category of Goodlife Zen, there were all these great articles on creativity and inspiration. Inspiring! Going back to the original article, I think that everyone should read it. Oh how true this is “Whenever we initiate change, even a positive one, we activate fear in our emotional brain….If the fear is big enough, the fight-or-flight response will go off and we’ll run from what we’re trying to do.” It kind of makes me want to get the book that the author of the article quoted from, “This year I will…” by Andy Ryan. Anyway, it’s short, it makes you think. Go read it!

I’ve been trying to change things in my life and have been hit by change whether I wanted it or not by graduating, moving, car breaking. Sure, that was stressful, and I’m working on getting things “settled” but really just “normal” or finding “my new normal”. But with all that change I’ve been given a chance to really change myself, the way I look at things, they way I live my life. I think it’s going for the better too.

See ya tomorrow!