The longer I have lived here in Ames, the more overwhelmed I’ve been feeling with all of our stuff. It’s impossible to really have things look clean, or even tidy…. or even not a disaster zone! Lack of space, lack of proper storage, too much stuff. It’s driving me nuts particularly today. I was browsing though my rss feed when I saw this and this in general, and then oh yeah, this too. Ugh. Why can’t my house look like that? I was going to take some pictures to show the stark contrast, but the contrast was too stark and instead of being funny, which is what I was going for, it was just depressing.

There are little pockets of cute, but they are just over crowded by the stuff. I think the major issue is too much for such a small space and at the same time a complete lack of proper storage. And then to make things worse, a complete lack of money to purchase materials to build proper storage and then there is the whole being limited on what we can do for storage because we live in an apartment. Geesh. So today I had some fun things on the agenda like going to the downtowny area and getting quilting supplies and going to the library, more on that later, but instead I’m going to clean like a mad woman.

I’m not just going to clean either. I’m going to go through the cupboards and get rid of dishes we don’t need, organize the pans, and then come later today I’m going to try to rearrange things so they look neat o. I’m also going to reorganize my studio too because it’s getting pretty cluttered as well and that’s my safe zone.

Anyway, on to things other than me freaking out about my living space. So I started to make a quilt. It was partially because of the above, I’m trying to use up my fabric stash and downsize things so it’s manageable. And Jason got me those quilting books for Christmas and I wanted to use them. I have to say, I like that Make Your Own Contemporary Quilts book. It has such a good how to section. I learned how to cut triangles the proper way. It still didn’t quite work out, but it was a lot closer than I was the first time.

I was going to give you a few nice pictures of all my blocks, but flickr is being a dweeb and I can’t pull up any pictures. What the heck…. grumble grumble grumble. Haha. I feel so bad, this post is turning into a ms cranky pants post. Haha.

I think I’ll just leave you all with some links to fun things I saw.

Easy Kid Terranium on CraftZine from Kid’s National Geographic. This actually cheered me up quite a bit when I saw it.

I’ve been looking at this artist’s work for awhile now, and was happy to see it on Design Sponge. She takes kids’ drawings and converts them into real life and photographs them. Amazing! Such a touch of whimsy and fantasy, they are very well done too.

A great demo by one of the poppy talk artists on how she makes her work. I was thinking about making some panels today to spruce up the kitchen and this might just be the ticket. It’s funny how similar my process is to her’s in the way I do panel work. It was really fun to see and remember, oh yeah, small scale panels, that’s how I can paint without needing a ton of space!

And I just love the 50 cents for an idea for something fun to do! Ahhh, so refreshing to see. I’ve thought about doing some art in public space here in ames, but haven’t decided what to do. I saw a huge badly spray painted penis on some concrete the other day and reallllllly wanted to paint something really neat over it, but chickened out. One day, One day I will!

And here are some more links that I came across yesterday, they are all really neat o and you should flip through if you have the time.

When flickr starts cooperating again I’ll be back with some fancy free photos.

See ya!