It started earlier today with a lingering headache. It just wasn’t going to scram. Behind my eye, in my neck, my temples. Kind of a caffeine, sinus deal going on. (I’ve been trying to cut down on coffee and the weather is being totally wacky). It finally got so bad that it was doing that thumping vibration thing in my temples. I couldn’t take it anymore, even though it was 8pm I took two Excedrin Migraine pills, a decongestant, and laid down for an hour with out ever really falling asleep. I sat up and just about vomited. I felt better believe it or not, but the rotten sinus head ache just wouldn’t let me be. “I know,” I said to myself, “A shower might just be the trick to get things going.” And it did! I took a nice long hot shower (we are having a cold front right now so it actually felt good all around) and by the end of it my sinuses were nice and loosened up.

I went back to cutting my block for the cover of clm that I had been working on before I laid down. It’s going in the shop tomorrow and with the head ache it’s been quite the struggle to stay focused. It was a no go. I was still just too out of it and thankfully just skipped into space and not my hand. I could tell though, if I persisted in my ways I would end up with a nice gash. Unfortunately I have everything else done for it except the cover. I have that mostly finished too, so I’ll be able to finish it up no problem in time to take pictures in the morning, but I just really needed to put it down.

So what to do now? First I decided to do some sketching. I just found out about a juried fiber arts show and want to submit some work. The only problem is that it can’t be work done for class…. which everything I’ve done up to this point pretty much qualifies as… so new work…. in a month! The deadline for submissions is mid August! Anyway, so I did some drawing for that and picked out the fabric, fibers, and yarn I would be using for it. Good step in the right direction!

Now what…. still feeling out of it…. how about picking out that fabric for the quilt I want to do? I found this quilt block that had been given to me by a friend:

quilt block

I picked out these fabrics to go with it as well as my backing fabric that I bought from the quilt shop the other day and then drew up my plan:

quilt fabric selection

It’s finished size will be 48″ X 72″, I decided to go with the golden spiral proportions of 2:3. It will be a nice little lap quilt for curling up with in the winter. It was inspired by the quilt block my friend’s quilt block, but also the book Jason bought me for Christmas… or was it my birthday. I think my birthday. I can’t remember now. Anyway, it’s called Make Your Own Contemporary Quilts (Hachette General Reference). I really liked the use of french knots in the “French Knots on Navy” quilt and the squares in the in the “Pompom Maze” quilt. Add a twist of a pre-existing quilt block in the mix and out comes my quilt! It’s really fun how those things work.

I really like this book. Not only does it have a lot of beautiful quilt designs with well written instructions, it also has instructions for making your own templates. On top of that there is a detailed section in the back on hand sewing your pieces as well as machine sewing. Pinning, quilting, finishing are also all covered. I’m really glad I have this book in my library.

I think because of the excedrine I had to take earlier I will be up for quite some time. I’m going to try again at carving my block for the cover of clm, which won’t take too long, and then I think I’ll iron my fabric and cut some squares!

Hooray for late night inspiration in the studio!

Have a happy creative weekend folks!
++ Kristin Roach ++