I have been really on the top secret side of what exactly I was doing in the QC and I’m dying to tell you all about it, but I can’t. It’s the most secret of top secret projects there is. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I love this idea so much and I think it is the best idea I’ve had in awhile, so I want to keep it hush hush until it’s in a more fully formed stage… then I will tell all! I can say it involves donuts. And I can say that I hung out at Donuts and More every morning for my morning coffee and a donut. What I can’t say is why or what I did there (well, I did read while I was there and that was unrelated to the project) but I can’t tell you what else I was doing.

Bavarian Cream Dough nut

Bavarian Cream Dough nut

What else can I say? Well, haha, after eating dough nuts every day for almost a week straight as well as going out to eat and eating over at my folk’s place and friends’ houses and 4th of july celebrations and ice cream late at night, oh oh oh and not exercising at all except a few leisurely paced walks, I’ve gained some weight. Haha! I faced the truth and did my Wii Fit Test last night (granted I’m a lot lighter in the morning) and I was up 8.4 lbs! Oh dear! Granted I weighed in this morning and was a good 5 lbs lighter.

I ate so much meat this week too, or at least more than I normally do. Not to mention cheese and cream dishes. Yummy yum! But not so great on my tummy tum…. By Friday I was feeling not so hot and by Saturday I was like “f it, I’m going back to being a vegan, how did this get so out of control”. I might not go all the way vegan, I really like yogurt for one thing, but I am going to go back to being vegetarian. Honestly, even eggs have been pretty hard on me. It’s not just the stomach either, it’s the texture and taste and the battery cages and just everything. So I think just some good local/organic dairy and the fish I catch myself (or my dad catches for me 🙂 ).

My mom for the longest time drank caffeine and ate chocolate even though they gave her migraines before she finally cut them out all together. It took her X amount of migraines before she finally said that the consequences were worse than the pleasure. I think maybe I’m getting that way too with animal products. I’m not quite ready to give it all up, but I’m going to give up a good deal of it and limit pretty strictly what I do allow.

Wow, so I wasn’t really planning on going in this direction when I started this post, but I guess that’s okay. Maybe being public about my choice will help me stick to it. Yeah! Not that I’ll start posting what I eat all the time, but maybe as I start to get back into vegetarian cooking I will post my fav recipes.

I’ve been thinking about posting more than twice a week here, so I’ll stick with my Tuesday and Thursday posts, but I’ll sprinkle in more mini posts during the week. Maybe just blog some photos I post to flickr of things that I’m doing in the studio. Yeah! I like that idea too!

See you all soon!