That’s right! The long anticipated opening has finally arrived! Excuse the day lateness. You know what happened? I forgot to change the items over to active yesterday. Such a “i’m on vacation and don’t have anything in particular to do but feel like I should do something and can’t remember what it is oh well” Ha! Well, first thing this morning I was like “Oh crap!”


Enough of that though, I’m so excited about this. You can read about my inspiration and reasoning for this little shop here. And you can check out all the cool new products for sale here.

Right now I just have shipping for the US and Canada available, but if you live somewhere other then there, but contact me and let me know what you want to buy and where you live and I can calculate and add the postage for you.

I have some more stationary sets in the works as well as some post cards and other fun things, so check back every week for new items. I’ll let you know when I put new items in the shop here too.

Have a happy fun filled summer day!

Kristin Roach