Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday. I was having too much fun doing random thing. I have been drawing so much in preparation of kro postal’s opening on Monday. I was planning on a zoo trip today to do some drawing and photography and Jason even took the day off, but then it decided to rain…. and now of course it’s not! So I’m working on more stationary ideas and will most likely go to the print shop today or tomorrow morning to get some printed in color on linen paper! I’m so excited!

Anyway, so on Tuesday I went to the alpaca farm and it was so much fun! I took so many photos! These, out of over 100!, were my favorite.

And this one was my favorite of favorites:

I want to do a story about this guy, he had so much personality!

Everyone was so nice and I learned a whole lot about alpacas and it’s just a half hour away from where I live! You can see more about the farm here.

And then last night I was at, gasp!, walmart picking up some photos and decided to get some hair dye… it oddly enough turned out to be the same color as one of the alpacas that I took a photo of!


And even more funny, I didn’t realize it until after I took the photo!

So that’s my adventures for this week. I’m going to add a few Reclaimed Leftovers to the shop later on today and there will be fun pattern tomorrow on Craft Leftovers. And don’t forget, Kro Postal will be opening on the first, so I’ll keep you up to date on that!

I’m going to Davenport, IA for a week on Monday to do some research on a project, so posting will be a little more random. It will just kind of depend on internet access. (I’m taking kro postal stuff with me so I’ll still be able to fill orders, it’s all pretty light weight).

See you soon!