I often find myself becoming completely obsessed with a particular medium. Given my recent freedom of no assignments I seem to be rotating through various forms of art making, techniques, and learning. I really need to make some sort of schedule, or pick like 2 things and really stick with them. Right now there are about, oh 10 things that I really want to be doing all the time. What have I been obsessing about?
1. Learning Html so I can make my own site
2. Illustration, because I’m reverting to pre-bfa when I loved illustrating short stories
3. Photography, wanting to improve my skills beyond what they are right now, i’ve plateaued
4. Reading, all this non-designated time leads me to diving head first into a million books I’ve been wanting to read for the last 3 years!
5. Cooking – bread experiments
6. Ebay – looking as well as listing
7. Kro Postal – gearing up for the opening of the shop next week
8. Craft Leftovers – making stuff, doing stuff, posting stuff, writing patterns
9. Drawing – I just really want to draw everything
10. Cleaning – I’m still unpacking and still spend a few hours every day putting things away and cleaning up
There’s more, but that’s what I can think of off the top of my head. Plus I’m gearing up to go for a week vacation and so making extra posts ahead of time is on my list to do this week too. And just always wanting to be knitting and crocheting, oh and I want to start making a quilt, but my sewing machine is STILL in the shop! grrr!

Speaking to the photography, I played with a light box yesterday as well as a set of dioptre filters.

Molly Cat



I did list my other tapestry loom on ebay yesterday as well as a recipe box.

I’m going to go continue to play a little bit with the camera before heading out to an alpaca farm this evening with the local fiber arts guild. I wanted to do some test shots so that way tonight I’ll have all my settings figured out so I won’t be really intrusive.

I have made a little headway in the garage (where most of my studio was dumped for the time being) and am hoping to get my loom ready to use by the end of July. I know, a month right, well, i need to give it a good once over as well as clean the garage before I can start working on it. I’m hoping to swap the boxes that are still in the living room into the garage and the loom where the boxes are.

Well I’ll see you all later!