Okay, so I know it’s way late in the evening and not really lunch time, but I wanted to show off my lunch. I’ve been trying to mix up my leftovers, you know, make them new again.

Lunch Yum!

I haven’t ever felted crochet before and i’m giving it a shot, here is my wonky swatch. I felted it up and I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow to show you all. I’m having a hard time know what setting on the washer is going to give me a hot wash and a hold rinse. It’s at the laundry room here at the apartment neighborhood (we have a pool and a laundry room here).

Wonky Swatch

I’m totally beat you guys, so i’m just going to keep this short, thanks for everyone’s super nice comments yesterday! I’m hoping to write up the pattern for the striped sweater and the vest soon, maybe in the next month or so.

Keep it Crafty Folks, I’m going to tuck in and watch There will Be Blood.

Good night!