Okay, so while putting things away this past two weeks I have realized three things.

1. I have a lot of stuff.

2. I have a lot of craft supplies that I will never have time to use even though I make things everyday, several times a day.

3. I need money because self employment is hard on the nerves already and some extra cash in savings would do a lot to put my mind at ease.

So what have I done about it? Well, stepped up my efforts making kits of course, but there is just sooooo much! And because of that, I’m selling a lot of it on ebay. I’m just getting started. And who knows, maybe this will lead something really cool. I’ve always wanted to sell used craft supplies, why not start now on ebay. I’m doing a combing over garage sales this summer too for the best craft goodies and really want to turn over a lot of my stock. I’ve thought about having an etsy shop of things, maybe I will, but right now I’m just tossing them all to the wind on ebay.

My ebay sellername is hatbot (I loved hats and robots when I signed up for ebay 8 years ago, what can I say, I still do!). I think this link will take you to my listings. I’m adding new things everyday so check back often. If the link doesn’t work (just take’s you to ebay’s main page or something), go to advanced search and search for sellers = hatbot.

Here is a sampling of what I will be putting up for sale over the next couple of days.

I’m off to the art walk in downtown ames with Jason!

See ya!