I spent a lot of today working on this block. I finally, after about 10 prints, had it come out right! Hooray!

cycling - in progress

My ink was getting a little low by then, but that’s okay. I’m going to do a ton of them tomorrow. And by a ton I mean 30 or so, we will see how it goes. There are some garage sales I want to hit up in the morning.

Lunch Break!

I was watching Julia Child’s French Chef all day while working on laying out and carving the block, so by the time lunch came around, I was inspired to try some fancy potatoes, they were sooooo delicious!

Spinach Tart

And then for dinner I tried my hand at a spinach tart!

There are a whole lot more in progress photos of both carving the block prints as well as making lunch, you can see them here.

Oh I added some new stuff to the shop too. Well, just a restock and then buttons that my friend Jill made for me! They are so cute!

Well, I’m going to go knit. Have a good night!