Well the new shop is open and ready for business!

Shop Shot!

Here is a shot of what my new store front looks like! You can visit by heading over to www.craftleftovers.com/shop!

Oh and I’m having a 10% off sale all this week, just enter the coupon code: GrandAdventure to get 10% off your entire order! The sale will end Sunday night at midnight, which means that Craft Leftovers Monthly will be 10% off the first day it’s on sale! Hooray!


I have had such a good last week! It’s been surprisingly busy, but wonderful all at the same time.

Last post I mentioned how I was going to share some tips I have been learning about working from home and so I will. Have to admit, I’ve been reading this blog a lot lately and it has helped a lot with both working and saving money, you should go check it out if you are interested in either. So what have I learned?

Budgeting Time
Just like budgeting money, budgeting time is huge to staying on track. What’s the first step everyone tells you to making an effective budget? Track alllllll of your spending by saving all your receipts and writing it all down, this helps you to see where you can save money, what your impulses are, where you tend to get sidetracked from your budget… for me, that latte, those little random things, a fancy pack of crackers at the grocery store. In the same way, track your time religiously for the first couple of weeks that you are working at home, in the same way that receipts work, this time keeping will help you to find when you are getting side tracked, how long tasks really take (3 hours instead of an estimated two is a huge difference!), when you break for lunch. Long in and out for bathroom breaks. When I get up to go to the bathroom I have found I often get side tracked for 10 mins by walking to the kitchen and grabbing a snack, cleaning up a little bit, playing with the ferrets, etc. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s just good to be aware of where your time is going.

To do lists
I’ve talked about this one before. To do lists are wonderful for me. I try to never make them the day of, I always make them the day before, usually right before bed. It helps me feel settled. Also, it keeps me realistic about what I can do. If you make a to do list as you go along, it’s kind of like making your grocery list while in the store, you add things on that aren’t real priorities.

I write down each thing I need to do, not just the project. So for today’s to do list I had not just “open shop for business”, but “add last products to shop”, “finish shipping policy”, “post to cl blog”. It helps me to remember each task I need to do as well as help me feel more productive by being able to check more things off. I know it’s psychological, but if it helps me to feel better about what I’m accomplishing, why not do it?

Since I’m working at home, I add my house stuff to the same list “dishes, fold laundry, bring hammock in for ferrets”. It’s not just a list of the big things I want to get done, but also a reminder to say walk out into the garage and grab the bigger hammock from the travel cage for my little guys; something I have forgotten to do for the last week. Now that it’s on the list I’ll make sure to get it done.

If I need to buy anything, I make a To Buy list and take that with me when I go out. It helps me from buying randomly and also from having to go out several times because I forgot the potatoes or the potting soil or whatever it was that I needed. It saves me time and money by just making a list of things.

Well that’s all for now. I have a lot of fun stuff that I want to show and tell, but, I need to break for lunch. See you all later!