There are so many things to talk about that I’m just not sure really where to begin. I guess I’ll start from the end of school and work my way forward.

The end of the semester was great. It was stressful and exhausting, but really good. I went to shows just about every night for a week or two there, hung out with friends, packed, gave presentations, intense hours weaving and filing and making of things. I said my goodbyes and my come by my place anytimes. I managed to send of a submission to KnitScene by the deadline (cross your fingers that they will see the potential in my amateurish submission packet and take me up on it).

I walked for the graduation ceremony, ate dinner, lunch and breakfast for the next week with friends to catch up, see them all that one last time before the move. Picked up Jason from Ames, drove back, packed up everything, cleaned everything, cried a whole lot about the loss of my studio and friends (funny how studio comes first to my mind), drove through horrible rain storms with 0 vizablity, met up with the folks who followed us to Ames to help with the unpacking. Everyone was wonderful. Special thanks to my sister, the dynamic duo, Jason, my mom and dad, and Katy N. You all kicked some serious boxing and unboxing butt.

So now I’m here in Ames, IA. It was a rough few first days. The amount of things in the apartment was overwhelming. Having not made anything in over a week was starting to stress me out too. So I worked like mad those first two days getting things unpacked and cleaned. My studio space is set up and now I’m not so sad about leaving the old one. Art and Craft materials are combined in one studio, what a lovely flow of making whatever I need to be making at any point in time without having to run back and forth between the home and school studios. The kitchen is 100% together, the bedroom is close, basically a ton of laundry to be done and some cleaning, but unpacked. The living room is close and there is a little other section of the main area that needs finishing too. Once I get the loom cleaned up it will go into that area, so I need to leave some room there for it.


I still have many boxes of things to go through before that is done. Pretty much everything to the left hand side needs to find a place to go.


Oh and yes, that is totally a refurbished Street Fighter II arcade machine in my studio! Unfortnuately the cat got in there and shorted out the monitor, which will cost a whopping $200-300 to fix… Eventually. It is just too much fun to give up. I think totally worth the money to fix it… now to get Jason to the point where he would have the time to do that….. hmm.

Here are some semi-blurry pictures of molly! She is not really a big cat, but just has tons of fur that sticks straight out!

Molly Molly
Molly Molly

She was just lapping up water from the glass, and now that we were looking at her, she was giving us that “I did not just drink out of that glass, what are you talking about” attitude. Ha! I know better. She has become my just about constant companion in the studio. It’s so nice to have a cat again.

Anyway, after moving here, the first thing on my mind of course was “get a library card!” and then “I need a checking account” so that was yesterday’s errands. I checked out The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kid (audio book) and am only half heartedly listening, it seems like it could be good. I’m enjoying one character, but not the other. Anyway, I also checked out a book on Calligraphy and plan on brushing up on that (I learned it a long time ago, but, well, that was a long time ago) and a book called Smallmart. I think that it is about small vs large business. The name being a play on Walmart. I’m hoping to start reading that tomorrow morning as my read an hour a day plan.

Then I opened a checking account. And they asked “occupation” and I hesitated…. “Self Employed” I said. And it’s true. 100% true. And that is my exciting start… on top of moving here to ames to be with Jason! I am jumping into self employment. Officially this Monday coming up. I’ve been trying to do a lot of organizing, not just physical moving things around, but mentally too. I’ve been doing all sorts of nutty stuff to get me started on the right foot and stay productive.

The biggest thing is the notebook. The notebook is the best tool ever.
Every night I write a to do list for the next day and date the page. Each Page is one day. I “clock in/out” every time i’m working/not working. It has really helped me to stay on task as well as see the procrastination trends.

So here I go. Self Employed. Oddly enough, I’m not the only one. Lee is also starting on her own adventure into self employment! Hooray! High Five and beer pint clinking cheers back to you!

I’m gearing up for Monday, it will be the grand start of things, so check back then for all the fun announcements and scheming talk. Right now I’m still settling in to my new surroundings. I’m going to post again soon to add to the integrity post I did early as well as some staying on task when working at home tips I’m practicing (and maybe failing at sometimes) later in this weekend.

Hello again folks and see you again really soon!

Kristin Roach