So I put up a little thumbnail of my notes laid out yesterday from when I was studying for my exam in ceramics. Some may think that exams in art classes are cake, but let me straighten that one out, exams in studio classes are the hardest I have ever taken. Hands down. We had 10 essay questions that we had to answer, no multiple choice, no true false, you just have to know… really the best way to test because you really do have to know in order to do well, no guessing here. And the subject is hard to remember too. Firing temps, the different definitions for different terms specific to ceramics. Quartz Immersion Point, Crawling, Crazing, Dunting. Then what are the various temps for glaze firing and bisque firing and the corresponding cone numbers and etc. You either know it or you don’t.

I studied like mad. I copied by hand all of my notes into one place, then copied all the definition, then read it all over and over again, repeating it out loud…. for hours over the course of 4 days.

It paid off! Hooray! I got a “19.5! Excellent!” So, I was worried I was going to get a B+, but now, i’m going to get an A no problem! (The exam was actually worth 20% of our grade, yikes!)

And with that good news, I’m going finish the dishes and make those sock bags. I’ll show you pictures later.

Isn’t this great! Posts yesterday and today! Amazing!