And some other stuff too!

So I did my dishes and made some sock bags! Hooray!


DSC_0028 DSC_0036

And here is the mug I made in ceramics filled with yummy ginger spice green tea!
DSC_0032 DSC_0033

And here is the story that happened yesterday. So my tire was peeling. It was really strange because all the other tires looked really new, but this one back right tire looks old and crappy and where the white was on the tire it was peeling away from the inner part of the tire. I felt like it was going to explode if I hit a bump wrong. The thing was that it’s my parent’s mini van, they were nice enough to let me borrow it for the move and the extra length has caused me to consistently hop curbs all over town with that said tire. Over the past couple years my parents have been really nice about letting me borrow their cars off and on and fixing mine when it breaks. So getting the tire fixed and the oil changed was the least I could do before giving their mini van back to them in 3 weeks.

I went to farm and fleet because they do pretty good work and it’s cheap. I knew it was going to take 3 hours though, so I took plenty of knitting and crochet to work on as well as my sketch book. I went there and was really surprised because the guy who put in the work order said it would be “1 hour” maybe less. And I was like “really! that’s awesome!” So I pulled a chair from the waiting room to outside (it was like 75 and wonderful, i couldn’t sit in air conditioning in a gloomy smelly room on a day like that) and I proceeded to make a new crochet head wrap pattern. It felt so good to make a pattern up again. It’s been too long!

Here is the head wrap:


(I totally need to cut my bangs btw, geeze, it’s on the to do list now.)

Anyway, so then I proceeded to check out my sock. I turned the heel yesterday and had this feeling that one the heel flap (which i just accidentally spelled hell flap! maybe it is, who knows) was too long and two I didn’t turn the heel right. It just seemed like the center between the two sections of decreases was too wide. So here I was at Farm and Fleet sitting outside the automotive shop, tooling away at my socks. It turned out that the deal was I divided it in half wrong. In fact, not in half at all! I made the heel flap on 44 stitch out of 68 instead of 34! That’s a huge difference. So I ripped it all back to the cuff, picked up all the stitches, and returned the heel, no wait, cuff! Gah! I neglected to knit another heel flap before turning it, so Riiiiiiiiiiip! Out that went and now I’m all set knitting the heel flap on 34 sts and before I turned the heel.

I looked at the clock when I saw them take my car in, I had been there for 2 hours! It was another hour before they finished. I was there for almost 3 hours exactly. Ha!

That’s my story.

The head wrap will be this weekend’s pattern. I need to tweek it a little though. I made it too long, so I need to redo it with a chain of 50 instead of 65. I can actually tie it and it’s supposed to button. Woops! I’ll just make it will a different color and then I can have two 🙂

Well, I need to do some more cleaning and then go to the BFA show group opening. I should probably change first too. I still have clay all over my pants.

See you all later!