So I briefly mentioned the resin I bought the other day and how I was going to cast with it and how it was really toxic and etc etc etc. Just for the record, resin is kind of against the grain for me. It’s so toxic and bad and it’s just nasty for me, everyone around me, and the environment. I would never have used it/bought it except for class.

A little even further back story to this whole thing. For this piece I’m doing, it’s a brooch. The brooch is plastic and the clasp was going to be silver. This might get metals nerdy, sorry. I carved my waxes for casting the silver and just needed to invest them and set it out (maybe 30 mins work total). Well, I didn’t put two and two together that it needed to be out by a certain date and I missed it. I was so annoyed with myself, but it was my fault (in my defense it was due on a Saturday night, the Saturday that I was dropping off stuff for one show and taking down my BFA show). Anyway, enough excuses, I missed being able to make my thing out of metal, so I needed to get this more lame, more toxic resin to do the fixings for the back clasp. So I get it all done, poured, sanded, polished, buffed, bladdy blah blah. And I show it to my professor and he was like “I thought you were going to do that in silver” and I was like “Yeah, but I missed the date for the kiln” and he was like “oh, well, why don’t you just fire it this week, if you get it invested tonight you can pour on Wednesday”.

Great! and Gaaaaaaaaah! All at the same time. It’s like, why didn’t you tell me that last monday when I said I missed the firing date! and I could have saved myself some skin cancer, money, and time…. And also, thank you, thank you, thank you! So I stayed extra late tonight and spurred and invested and prepped for firing my little jobbers for my brooch.

I have had some extra special issues with keeping my deadlines straight for school this semester and neglected to realize just about all of them. I’m usually so on top of school stuff. Yep. So now I have class at 8am tomorrow and at almost midnight I just finished labels and my statement for the group bfa show that I should have had done this morning and could have easily finished Saturday or Sunday. Woops.

I did have a good sunday, I was in the studio all day, I was productive at home on clm stuff. And I escaped for a couple of hours to go to the dekalb SnB at Borders.

I had my birthday coupon for 25% off and with the extra sale of yarn I just had I went ahead and bought a book I have been wanting for a long long time. Julia Child’s The Way to Cook. Just about the best freaking cook book ever!

The thing is that I have been going back and forth between this and The Joy of Cooking, which is another classic. I finally went for Julia Child’s because of her French influences, and I love her, and I love her show, and I love her book My Life in France. And she is a steller recipe writer.

I’ve started reading it cover to cover because it is just that good. She has these great Master Recipes and has organized the book in a really smart way, she groups food types by how they are cooked, so she has a master recipe for beans, styles of soup, meats that are cooked the same way, etc. I bought an organic roasting chicken a couple of weeks ago that just went into the freezer and so now I’m finally going to try my hand at making it. I’m not sure when, but soon I think. And I’m going to use her method for making it. Hooray! I’ll report back about that when it happens.

In other randomness, because this is kind of a post of random stuff. Here is a progress photo of the installation at the yarn shop:
I swear things are getting more knit up than the last photo. Actually today, I finished 2 things! Hooray! Jason’s scarf and the little springy lap blanket! I’m hoping to also finish a little tote deal, a sweater vest, and most likely that’s it. If that. I’m happy I finished anything at all. In the grand scheme of knitting, 4 days a week and 3 hours a day isn’t a whole lot for 11 projects 🙂

Well, I need to wrap up some stuff before heading to bed, it’s going to be a short night for sure.

See you all soon!

++ Kristin Roach ++