I have to admit that it has been a long time since I have been able to sew. Well, yesterday morning I was cruising through my rss feeds for the first time in, oh, a month and I finally couldn’t take it anymore.

I said “I’m sick at looking at what cool stuff other people have been making! I want to make something! Right now!” And so I did:


The thing is that I’ve been doing so much knitting lately for the On Finishing project and really 0 sewing and only a little crochet. I haven’t actually finished anything lately, no new crafty goodness around the house. It has been driving me a little nuts. I have been wanting a sock project bag for such a long time and so after seeing a million cute little sewn deals all over the interweb, I shut my computer and sewed with such frenzy that I sewed straight through my finger, seriously, and entry and an exit crafting wound. I wear it with pride. It actually hurts more now than it did yesterday just because I didn’t clean it out (I should seriously know better, come on!), but it sounds worse than it is.

It only took me about 30 mins to make the bag, finger damage and all (it didn’t really bleed too much thank goodness, so it didn’t really slow me down other than a few swear words).

DSC_0053 DSC_0054

I put an interview with a pretty neat artist pair on craft leftovers today, so go check that out.

I ran across this tutorial today which reminded me of the pin tin canny(not in the sense like they ripped it off, just a similar fun vain of: tin can+ sewing stuff=pin cushion) and I really like the way the did it, so you should go check that out and make one. I think I’m going to make one too.

I also saw this fun little job on whipup.net, I was going to do a tutorial on something like this for cl, but it seems someone has beat me too it, good for them I say, now I can just post a link and follow their instructions 🙂 And because I was going to do it, I had all the supplies on hand. I have them cut out, but I need to go to my studio and grab some wood to mount them on. So I’ll post some pictures of that tomorrow. I’m sure I’m going to go stamp crazy 😛

I’m off to the studio now, finally, to glaze ceramics stuff and then work on my brooches. I had to buy my own resin, some nice acrylic stuff, because what we use at school just wasn’t toxic enough for me. Here’s to respirators, gloves, and a nice thick apron!

I’ll show you pictures when I get it all finished up, heck, i’ll take some progress photos and show you those too!

Well, see you all later!

++ Kristin Roach ++