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Well there it is I suppose. A nonsense quote from a scene on the holideck. Some how it’s been running through my head, but I can’t quite hear the proper words. I want to say “the further, the farther” but that’s just not quite right.

Anyway, doesn’t matter. Today was just one of those wonderful days where everything I attempted didn’t work out and I was completely unproductive and somehow completely okay and even happy with that.

I went in to see the adviser, she wasn’t there (just this one day too, if I would have gone the day before she would have been, if I could go there tomorrow she will be there). I need to make sure everything is square for graduation. Then I went to get my pots after they had been fired and glaze them, they weren’t out of the kiln yet. Then I went to work on metals, my plastics that I poured this morning didn’t pour right. So by 11 am I had enough, went to the Thai Pavilion, drank a pot of tea and just relaxed. Then went and met up with Carole (the visiting artist at school today), listened to her talk, then we all went (unknown to me that this would happen) back to the Thai Pavilion for more tea for me, lunch for them, and then knit in the window for an hour with her. Then we walked back to the school for the reception for the Fiber’s show, then class. I got a migraine, didn’t get anything done in class because I felt like I was going to puke, then finally snapped out of it, got through a demo.

Then I let the wind take me and helped take a rack off of a car, chatted with my professor and some grads. Then walked my bike home while talking to Jason.

It was a good day. Maybe unproductive, I could have done without the migraine, but good all the same.

I’ll be more specific about some stuff when I know more about it. I’ll also post pictures of lunch and whatnot. I’m too tired right now to get the photos off my camera and upload them, so here is a shot of the show being ready to be hung.

Until tomorrow!