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Sunday I was heading into the ceramics room to work on the last of the wheel thrown work, trimming and decorating, the final step. I was feeling kind of overwhelmed still and I hating coming in to work in the basement of the art building on such a wonderful sunny day. I heard some music… “who is playing their music so d*** loud, stupid college students, grr grr grr” I thought.

Then I got closer and closer to the art building and then there, right in front of the door that lead to the ceramics room was a full group calypso playing kiddos! They ranged from the little girl there to about 17, plus one guy who I’m guessing was a music major at NIU. It was so refreshing and good and appropriate for the sunny day. I stopped and took pictures and listened to 3 songs. I could have stayed for the whole event, but work finally pulled me away.

It was so sweet, so nice, so full of energy. All of the drummers were working unison, I could believe how good they sounded considering how young they all were. Lovely!

Maybe not exactly stopping to smell the roses, but pretty much the same idea.

See you all again soon!