For the longest time now I have wanted to get out of the midwest, it seemed like such a dull uninspired place… then I realized that I was the dull uninspired person. Once I changed my attitude, it was like everything around me was transformed. Everything was interesting. Then I had another realization, a lot of people are still looking at their surroundings like I used to. With the Traveling Midwest series of paintings, I want the viewer to see how I see and feel about things how I feel about them. Like the 4.5 hour drive from mid Illinois to mid Iowa I do about once every 6 weeks to see Jason, most people’s first reaction is “Oh my, I’m sorry, that is so boring of a drive”. Well, it all depends on how you see things. That is where the inspiration for these first paintings came from, specifically driving in the midwest. A lot of the pictures that I took were while I was a passenger in a car driving around in the midwest, or a driver.







That was the official part of my senior project. I also am in the Fiber’s department show and in the group bfa show at the Olsen gallery. Oh and the performance is also part of my “senior project”. It’s been a lot of fun. I really feel set to get out into the world and start showing in more galleries and hopefully get into some residencies.

The BFA show was this past Friday and it was a smash. Good music, pretty good art for the most part, and good food. We even had a rootbeer keg and ice cream so everyone had root beer floats to their heart’s content. Yummy yum yum. As I said to some friends earlier, I’m sure I’m bias, but it was the most fun I’ve had at a BFA show in my last three years of going to shows here. We were serious about the work, but when it came to the closing reception, we had a good ol’ time just hanging out and getting sentimental about the future. Good times.

Here is an updated photo of the installation:

I have been taking photos everyday I knit on it to show the growth of the objects. I actually did 22 rows on my lace scarf today, so I was pretty proud of that.

On another note, I joined up with a local s n’ b group and we met up at the bar, drank, knit, and had a good ol’ time there too. Carolyn and I walked there together, Mary joined later, and then we all walked home to my place together and just sat around knitting and chatting until about 11pm, then I hit the hay hard again. Another 9+ hours of sleep. Ah, so nice.


Well, I need to head off to class. Metals, then I’ll have to stay in my studio for a bit to make some paper, then maybe ceramics. I still need to pull that one handle, which I’m being very unsuccessful at. I’ll get it eventually!

Until Tomorrow!

ps – clm is in the shop, so make sure to check that out!