So what is On Finishing about? Well, two things mainly. The public meaning has a lot to do with demonstrating the act of knitting and bringing awareness to the length of time. I want the viewer experience the process of knitting by allowing them to see the growth and completion of the different items.


It kind of came out of experiences I have had at the yarn shop. To sum up over and over again I hear similar stories of friends and relatives just thinking that knitting a lace blanket with a 20 row lace chart on size 2 needles and yarn that looks like thread is no big deal. I want to show people the duration of knitting and crochet as well as the act itself.


The other side is of a more personal nature. I learned to knit 3 years ago when i moved to DeKalb. I really just wanted an excuse to join a group, the knitting group, and get some social hours. I fell in love. I learned to crochet and sew shortly there after, have started Craft Leftovers, been in a handmade market, spoke at a conference, then green prairie fibers happened, and now possibly being published in a book as a guest designer, and my first tutorial in a magazine this fall. And all from just tapping into those crafty genes I have by learning to knit. Well, now I’m moving away from dekalb, and after three years I have a pile of unfinished projects. I want to bring this chapter to a close, declutter my stash, finish what needs finishing, and move on the next exciting round of things. So that is where the title comes from.

It’s week two and have yet to finish anything, but I’m now close to finishing a scarf and a baby blanket and getting closer to finishing the other items all the time. It’s exciting to see their growth.

The response has been very positive. Many happy waves and while I’m working in the shop, not in the window, I hear a lot of people walking by saying “oh did you see the girl knitting? that is just so neat, I hope I see her again. How nice.” Some people advert their eyes though like I’m doing something obscene in there, which is funny. I notice older women seem to like it the most, younger woman are curious and a few have even been inspired to come and learn how to knit. I even have some guy friends who want me to teach them how to knit after I have told them about the project.

This week it will be corresponding with the fiber departments Thread Bender’s Union Show at the school. We have a gallery packed with current works. I actually have a piece there too. I’ll take some pictures and post those. A friend of mine, Carole (aka Frau Fiber) is coming down for the opening to give a talk on her work, look at some grad students’ work, knit in the window with me, and go to the reception. The reception is Wednesday, April 23rd from 4-6ish. There will be food and me and if you are in the area, come on by! It will be a fun time for sure!

Oh and after just getting the On Finishing installation up, I was interviewed by a reporter from the local newspaper! You can see the article here.

I have so much more to share with you all, but I think that is quite a bit for one post already. I’ll try to post again tomorrow.

See you all soon!

ps – the show was a smash, you can check out my flickr page for all the new photos, I’m going to be posting about a lot of them in the upcoming days too.