Lately life has been a stressful pile of you know what, but it’s all for the good in some kind of cosmosis of building character way. I could deal with less character building and more drinking tea and knitting.These last couple of weeks have really been difficult for me, starting with the changing of my BFA show date one week before we were due to hang it. Since then I have been trudging through life, just trying to get things done. It was such a huge relief really, even though at the time it cause a large amount of stress, to have that deadline pushed back. Hopefully after this week, 4 projects due all around the same time, things will become a bit more calmed down. I will still be spending my time in the studio finishing paintings and planning the show on April 18th though. Not to mention making some 30 lb of junkmail into sheets of paper for an instillation in the Olsen gallery. Oh and don’t forget, next Monday I’m installing and starting the performances at the Yarn Exchange. So as you can see, even with the elimination of this week’s deadlines, even more comes looming up for the next week.

And that leads me to the announcement I just made on Craft Leftovers. I will no longer be attempting to write patterns every week. I will be blogging about living your life creatively and resourcefully; sharing what I have learned for myself and what I have found elsewhere. Sprinkled with a good dose of craft projects and artist/crafters that I value. I think that’s a much more manageable approach. CLM will still be on schedule and what not though, so don’t worry about that. The next issue will actually be going into the shop April 20th.

I’m kind of excited about the focus shift off of me on craft leftovers. I think that even after I move I will keep up these posts as well as free patterns that I write sprinkled in. It will be good.

And all that leads me to something else, flipping out about the show date changing. Here is the story of how my life has changed in the past two weeks:

I found out that my show had changed by exchanging cards and another girl in my class saying “Your show is when? I’m supposed to have that week to set up for my show.” Oh no. We both do a freak out and long story short, my friend and I are BFA students and she is a MFA student, so our show was moved, with no definite reschedule date. In the next hour I proceeded to lock my keys in my car, loose my lady moss mitten (on the way in to the store to call the cops to have them unlock said car), and, in a very funny pathetic way, eat fried potatoes from the deli with one mitten on and crying while waiting for the police to come. It was a sad point, but I think it’s pretty hilarious now. I mean, I was standing in the rain with one mitten on, eating potatoes and crying, what a site I was!

The next days I was hit with every emotion and lashed out at everything around me. Even after the show issue was resolved I was in some kind of crazed emotional mush. It hit me, I’m not sure when the exact point was, that it really wasn’t the show, or my keys, or falling out of my bed and hurting my neck, or slamming my thumb in a cabinet (yeah, more of that same day) that was making me really crazy (sure annoying and stressful, but I was loosing it), it was the lack of me taking care of myself.

So I have been re-evaluating and trying to take care of myself. What have I been doing? Well for starters, no more vending machine food, no more lattes or coffee period (except decaf, yes I know it has caffeine in it, but it’s moderate), I am on my forth week of baking all of my own bread and hope to start making my own pasta too, regular laundry days, and scheduled in reading time. Also, making sure to get at least 7.5 hours of sleep every night. Oh and doing my dishes twice a day and spending 20 mins a day cleaning up.

It has completely improved my mood. I’m happy to say that I’m almost finished with my first book. It’s called Simple Prosperity and when I get done with it I want to write up a full review. To say the least it has completely changed the way I look at other people, community, consumerism, and re-enforced what I already knew about gardening and being content with less. Retail therapy is just straight out the window and I am now more aware of what makes me, as a human, happy. What a great book!

I have ticked 2 major projects off my list by making to-do lists each day for just that day instead of the whole week and with the help of good friends. It feels manageable. I just write down 10 small things I want to do that will take under an hour or two to complete all together and no more than 3 major projects to work on. I read about it I’m not sure where, but through Keri writing about being mindful, something I too have been trying to do for last year. She writes states it all so nicely, so I’ll just ditto what she said. Thank you Keri for sharing.

I’m hoping to put together a series of smaller posts about what I am doing and attempting to do in my effort to be more mindful. I am going to try to start posting twice a week. It keeps going for two long and I seriously miss you all.

Now on to something kind of fun. Here are some of the panel pieces I’m working on for my show. Each panel is about 30″ x 30″.






And a sweater vest thingy I’m working on:

Well, I need to get to that said studio and keep working on those three big projects for the day. Talk to you all later!