It’s been all over the news, but I thought I would announce it here and let you know I’m okay. As some of you know, I’m a student working on my BFA at Northern Illinois University. Today there was a shooting and a few people died, 22 were wounded. It was pretty scary. The odd thing is that I didn’t even know anything was going on. My phone broke this morning and I was just going to go to the sprint store after I finished up. I was in my studio which is on the other side of campus painting the afternoon away. I was feeling really good about building two stretches, making a break through with my painting, working on my artist residency application.

I was thinking about what a nice day it was. Warmer than usual. Wonderful blue sky… what the heck are all these helicopters doing up there? Well, they were news and medic….  and went on my merry way to the local hardware store. Trixy, the owner and my friend, was like “I’m so glad to see that you are okay” and I was like “you too?” and she told me about the shooting, shocked that I didn’t know. I went and got my phone fixed, and was immediately flooded with ‘are you okay, why aren’t you calling back? are you alive?” messages…. Jason was totally freaked out as were my parents… I am so upset about upsetting jason and my folks. It’s slowly sinking in and I guess I just don’t know how to feel, so I just feel numb. I guess just that it’s my town, my school. The typical “this doesn’t happen to me” attitude.

Classes are canceled until further notice. No one is allowed on campus so I can’t get into my studio. I’m sad for the family and friends. Seeing how worried my own family was has stuck in my mind and I can’t even imagine what it must be like for the families of those who died or were wounded. It is truly horrifying.

I am okay though.

I’ll see you all on Saturday morning.

Well wishes to all those in the NIU community.