Ms. Cherry came to visit Charlie today (susie, you get the names).


These are the sketches that I think I mentioned the other day, did i? hmm, maybe not. Well, in preparation of the painting series, I did some quick 10 min charcoal sketches of the composition. It just helps me to familiarize myself with the subject and the different parts of it.


This is my paint box of oil paints. Lovely! I know I should store my brushes flat, I’m working on it. I just moved them back in.


Here is my set up before starting to paint as well as my photo reference. I blew it up to 8 x 10. I can’t work off 4 x 6, it’s just too tiny.


I sketch out all the main parts of the composition directly on the canvas. For me, this is particularly important with architecture so I don’t completely mess up the perspective. It doesn’t help that, since I took the picture while driving by, it is a skewed perspective. I’ll have to keep a close watch that my lines don’t get really out of wack.


Starting to mix my colors.


Things are starting to get messier.


I love these little cups. They are so handy for holding solvents and mediums.


And here is what I got done today. I have to let it dry up a bit or it will just smear around and look rediculous. I just blocked in the general shapes in the fore, mid, and backgrounds. Oh, it’s 31 1/2″x 23″.


Now a lot of my paints are older/haven’t been used in a long time and there is just no getting the cap off or they have been squeezed to the point where no more paint will come out. That is the case with this tube. So here is what I do (carefully). I unroll the bottom, then slice off the bottom edge, then make a cut along the side, and then along the top, then I open it up. Look at all that paint! Now, be very careful! I couldn’t imagine anything worse that doing this to say a tube of cadmium red and either sticking my finger in the paint, or sticking the paint covered xacto knife into my hand! So cut away from you and if the paint is a heavy metal, wear some latex gloves.

Today was really productive and it feels so good. I got painting started, I worked on ceramics, and I measured out my warps on the warping board and will start dressing the loom tomorrow. Ahhhh, that’s so nice.

Now i’m sitting back, watching the super bowl, and putting the finishing touches on clm. That will feel so good to send out. What a struggle this month.

Well, back to work! Have a good night!