I feel really good about how much I was able to get done today. It was so nice. It was also nice being able to sleep in, which I fully intend to do again tomorrow morning.

I disappointedly did not make it to The Fold as planned, but that’s okay. My friend threw her back out, but we did manage to hit up the lys as well as Borders for some lattés and magazine perusing.

I am in general disgruntled with art magazines right now. They are either full of ads (cough, art forum and art news) or are kitchy or collector based or only talking about artists that are long dead. Sigh. New American Painting is really nice, but at $20 an issue I would rather get a book. Fibers is nice, as is Sculpture and Metals, there is no “painting” version of that mag though. Works on Paper is okay. Modern Painters International is also okay, but whenever I do buy it, I always feel cheated at the end of reading it.

I went ahead and bought Vitamin P: New Perspectives in Painting which was shown to me last spring. I was pretty impressed with it, or at least remember being impressed with it, so hopefully it lives up to my memories. I’ll tell you about it in more detail when it gets in.

I finished and posted the new pattern this morning as well as made the final fixes to the clm zine, got the former posted and the later printed and cut and I’m happy to report that they both seem to be without errors. Ahhh. I emailed all the subscribers and let them know it would be going out on monday. I’m sending them all by priority mail though, so hopefully that will make up for the lateness in sending out. What a pain.

I went to the library today and picked up multiple books on cd and movies to watch. If I have something to listen to while I’m working I seem to stay more focused. Like tonight. I started dun dun dun… getting my records in order so I can file my taxes. Scary! I figure if I can’t get it figured out by the end of February I’ll take it to a tax person.

I made a very nice excel spreadsheet to get me on the right track and am just about finished entering all my sales. I noticed that I have quite a few repeat buyers as well as a huge surge in sales starting in June. Neat! Thanks everyone for helping to support me this year.

I’m still amazed by the fact that I can pay all my bills every month and I only have to work 8 hours a week to do so (I want to guarantee grocery money, it’s a good thing to have). I’m sure I will need way more when I am out on my own, paying more for rent and student loans, but for right now, it’s working really well. So thank you once more. It means the world to me to not have a “career”. hehe.

I am soooooo close to finishing my toe up socks (they go up past my knees so it’s been quite the journey). I think I’ll have them done by then end of the week if I stick to it.

I did go to my studio today, and then my camera battery died. It’s charging now, so I’ll take pictures when I go in tomorrow. I did my last coat of gesso today, so I’ll sand and then start painting! hooray! I have lots of fun things to show you all. I need to warp my loom tomorrow and work on my pots for ceramics. Lots to do. It will be a lot of fun though.

This is long enough, so I’ll end it here. Have a good night!

++ Kristin Roach ++