I have to say, all of your comments really made my day! Thanks so much everyone! I like you all too.

Today has been so nice. In contrast to the last 2 weeks of everything I attempt blows up in my face, everything was super nice and smooth… Or well, maybe it wasn’t, but I had a better attitude. I helps to feel like I’m working on the right things for sure. It really helped to write it all out and post about it, so thanks!

Now that I’m done being mushy, check out what I got from Ikea:
DSC_0038 DSC_0035

And look at this super cute pattern I’m just finishing up for Saturday’s post!

Oh and this is all the food I got from tcf organics the other day:

I’ve eaten about half the oranges, made cucumber and vinegar salad, stuffed acorn squash, ate all the eggs (breakfast, baking, etc), some of the milk. Delicious.

And Charlie Charge has taken up residence in my studio as my guard dog:

Oh, other studio stuff. My friend gave me this table loom and I’m in the process of fixing it up so I can use it:

In an attempt to figure out what I would be doing this semester I mapped it out:
DSC_0019 DSC_0018

And here are a bunch of drawings on that I did last semester and over the break:

Oh and back to the at home studio:

I’m getting ready to dye more yarn up, I think I’m going to be selfish and dye some sock yarn for myself. I also have a request, so I’ll be dyeing that up too. I love custom dye orders!

I had a really great chat with one of the graduate assistants today. It was really reassuring to talk to him about work and painting and all that jazz that I was stressing about. He liked my idea for the paintings and thought my photography wasn’t half bad. Hooray to that. I promptly went to the wood shop (not because I talked to him, but because it was next on the “to-do” list) and made my stretcher bars for the first painting. I’m going to swing by lowes and pick up the wood for the others tonight, then head back to my studio (free parking on campus after 7pm) to finish gessoing the canvas.

On gessoing canvases, this is how I like to do it:

1 coat with just water to open up the cotton fibers
Let the water soak in, but not dry all the way and follow up with a thin, half and half consistency coat of gesso/water mixture
Let dry until dry to the touch and do another gesso/water coat
Let dry and do a coat with the more gesso less water
Then once that is dry, do a coat with just gesso. Let that dry completely and sand it all down nice and smooth working through the grits of sandpaper.
Repeat the last set again.

Then I went to the local hardware store and bought some glass for a new palette, odorless mineral spirits (which now that I think about it, I left in the glass area and will need to go back and buy on Saturday), plaster for mold making (I haven’t decided what yet, but it will be neat for sure), and a scoop for the plaster (so I don’t get water in it). While checking out, the owner Trixy (she comes to the knitting group on Fridays and has come out for all the craft sales I’ve been in, we are also going on an adventure to The Fold on Saturday) hooked me up to a lie detector that zaps you if you lie, they had to wave their hands around in my face and freak me out before it did… it was on the low setting and let me tell you, I don’t want to feel the high. My arm is still a little wonky feeling. It was pretty funny though.

Anyway, when I go in tonight I’m going to do my first straight gesso coat. While It’s drying I’m going to start measuring out my warps on the warping board. I’m using linen warps for a double woven book structure. There will be a total of 32 epi (ends per inch), 16 epi for each side of the double weave, a total of 224 warps! yikes. 3 yards long. It’s going to take a bit to do. I like it though, it’s kind of meditative.

Off I go! Have a great night!

++ Kristin Roach ++

ps – after my last post i said to myself “stop eating junk” and I made the stuffed acorn squash. Yum! So thanks for keeping me accountable.