I’m having issues. go figure.

Issues keeping my apartment clean no matter how much i want it to be, try to keep it clean.

Issues decided on a senior project to pursue.

Issues getting homework done.

Issues getting enough sleep.

Issues with printing out craft leftovers monthly, i’m picking up the disk and documents and taking it elsewhere.

Issues eating correctly.

Issues going anywhere because it is so freaking cold and I just want to stay under the blankets and drink hot chocolate all day.

Issues deciding on what my major “should be”.


I’m feeling stressed folks.

One major thing is that I am just not having enough time in the day, or the days that I do, I am just so tired I don’t get anything ‘extra’ done. I think I’m going to have to cut back a bit on craft leftovers.

Like midweek posts only once a month, patterns every weekend, but no pattern the weekend before I send out craft leftovers monthly, or weekend that I have craft sales. Which, I don’t think I’m going to do any this spring. There is just too much going on with school.

I am going to start painting again. All of the bad blood between painting and I when I was a junior is finally wearing off and I’m really excited about starting up again. I’m going to pick up some wood and canvas today and get started. Hooray!

I’m going to base my new series off photographs I take/drawings I do while I’m out an about. I tend to take about 30 photos anytime I go anywhere, even just walking home from class. I just see things that interest me as I’m walking by and want to immortalize them through the act of painting for other people to enjoy as well. The first series is going to be based on photographs I took while in milwaukee, then the next photos I took this past december.

These three from milkwaukee:

These three from december:
Winter Walk
Winter Walk
Winter Walk

There are more images on flickr that I just uploaded.

Capturing experience through painting has always been the reason I paint. It seems like for each medium I use, there is a different content. It’s interesting how I can point them out pretty specifically. Maybe I’m finally starting to understand why I work the way I do.

Painting: capturing experience, memories, emotion though color, technique, form based on drawings and photographs.

Fibers: commenting on historical crafting practices and relating them to the contemporary.

Drawing: Note taking, studies, small scale, documentary of what is going on around me, usually flows into other mediums

Sculpture: (also in the form of fibers) social political commentary

Metals: I’m very interested in the medium and am just starting to get my feet wet. I have a feeling it will lend itself to much casting of found objects, drawing attention to the ordinary.

Now the issue with this is that in order to fully articulate myself, multiple mediums are needed. Now how do I apply to grad school with that?

My professors think I should go into fibers, but honestly, I’m not sure if that’s the best place for me. I still feel a deep connection to painting. I still feel a longing to use a brush and the canvas as means of expressing myself, my interests, my voice. I think more than any one medium, drawing is always there. It kind of connects everything. Obsessive sketching and recording and documenting. Maybe a drawing major? An interdisciplinary program would be best. What would my emphasis be? Just for the last year, sure I’ve been doing a lot of fibers work, but I think that’s mainly because it was new. I’m one crafty lady, it’s in my blood, but on the other side of my family, my dad was a painter, my grandpa a jeweler and ceramics person. My grandma on my mom’s side was also a painter on top of her crafty endeavors. I feel like fibers is there, something I need, but not the most important thing. If I had to choose between drawing and knitting, I would choose drawing without any question.

On the line here of being cocky, every professor I have ever hand for any medium, has thought I should be in their department. When I took drawing it was “you are good at drawing, why aren’t you majoring in it” and then fibers and then sculpture, then metals, now ceramics.

I thought I sucked at ceramics, the main reason I took the class, I don’t like being limited by a lack of technical skill (which happened last semester when I tried to work with clay). And after 2 weeks, my professor told me specifically “i see you have worked with clay before, you are really good at handling” and i was like “well, no, not since I was a little kid, I work with my hands a lot though and pick things up fast.” He was very confounded and impressed that this was my first time. He later said in the class “most of you will be horrible at first because you are learning a new language, the language of clay, but yes some of you have natural talent and will pick it up very fast”…….. I feel singled out in every class as “the best”, it’s very unnerving. Flattering sure, but isolating non the less.

Anyway, now that I’ve wrote a book on how I’m feeling about class, I’ll duck out of here and go get my butt into my studio.

I have lots of wips and finished things to show you all, so I’ll be back soon!

Have a good wednesday!