I have to admit that I used to loath ironing. My first leap into out of the home schooling at age 13 was accompanied by ironing. Ironing shirts and skirts, every night and sometimes every morning. Stockings and full toe dress shoes. No socks. No pants. No tank tops. No too short of short sleeve shirts. No skirts the didn’t touch the floor when you bent down on your knees. For me, a very hard core tom boy who didn’t know that boys were gross because I was at that point more made of snakes and lizards than sugar and spice, this was a living hell.

I understand my parents’ thinking, and it does make sense to me now and even then it did. After 7 years of homeschooling, they didn’t want to just throw me into the public school system and classes of 24. They decided to send me for one year to private christian school called East Moline Christian, with classes (not just class room, but graduating class) of 8. Hated it. I hated skirts and girls, and anti-woman philosophies, and even christian rock (like mxpx and other christian punk bands – what an oxi-moron, i know, you don’t have to point that one out) were, “of the devil”. Solitaire was also “of the devil” because “playing cards leads to gambling, which is” you guessed it “of the devil”.

I think my most rebellious moment was when a fellow student said “well you have to wear skirts below your knees because seeing a woman’s legs is like seeing her whole body” yikes. So i flashed him….. with my tight cover knees, nothing higher than that, just the knees. This kid looked like he had just saw i peep show. It still makes me laugh 12 years later. It must have been all the of the devil christian hard core that made me do it.

Anyway, I’m digressing. Ironing. Hated it.

Ironing over a decade later? Love it. It’s one of my favorite parts of sewing. I love pressing fabric and making it all geometrically sound. I’m still not super keen on ironing clothing although I can press a blouse and pants in under 3 mins because of all the practice I got that year at emc.

u-handblog cover What prompted this whole post? I saw this tutorial on U-handblog about remaking an ironing board cover, which mine is in desperate need of. A new cover that is. Plus I’m getting sick of the gross blue fabric that it came with and the fact that it’s all gross from who knows what.

I really like the U-handblog and you should check it out. She has a ton of great tutorials on making bags and other sewn items (like ironing board covers).

I have some pictures of the kiddos after their bath this morning that are kind of funny, I’ll post them later today after I finish the cl pattern. (kiddo = 2 ferrets)
See you all later!