I’m honestly not sure why it’s a rumble, but I think it is. Maybe it’s because I’m watching the debates in New Hampshire right now that a Saturday Night Rumble is on the brain.

First off, I wanted to let you know that I decided to go with Etsy for my shop. It’s sooo easy. So its up and you can check it out here: Kristin Roach: Shop.

Hello Again

I’m going to be adding some handmade note cards and other drawings over the next 3 days and then I will update the shop twice a week or more.

teacozy03 The new pattern is up over on Craft Leftovers and I must say, I really like it! It’s to help keep my tea warmer than it is already kept.

I’ve also been updating the Craft Leftovers Shop, so you should check that out too.

Well, I’m going to draw for a bit and then play wii!

++Kristin Roach++